Put down the bottled shampoo and let us introduce you to shampoo bars…

It’s estimated that the average person washes their hair about 12,000 times in their lifetime. Now that’s a lot of plastic shampoo bottles ending up in landfill!  So, what’s a shampoo bar? Essentially it is a more concentrated yet natural hair washing option that is both better for the environment and your locks. Often with added ingredients designed to cater for different hair types and conditions once you start using them, you won’t be able to stop! Need more convincing? Read on…

1      They are plastic free. If you’re trying to eliminate excess waste and plastic from your life, then switching from traditional bottled shampoo to a bar could make a seriously positive dent in your overall consumption. Just think about how many bottles of shampoo you purchase each year… around 12? Then you add in conditioner and that can quickly add up. On the other hand, solid shampoo (and conditioner!) bars often come with recycled paper packages which are much, much more eco-friendly.

2      They last longer. Let’s say you wash your hair every second day (maybe more, maybe less!) shampoo bars are more concentrated so you are able to get more washes out of a bar then you would a typical bottled ‘poo. So long as you take care of your bar, i.e. not left in a puddle of water in the shower, you’ll be impressed by the shelf life of a bar. One of the main reasons bars tend to last longer is that their main ingredient isn’t water like a typical shampoo, so you get more bang for your buck in the long run.

3      They are perfect for travel. We’ve all been there. Packing for a trip and dreading using the miniscule bottles the hotel gives you that leaves your hair feeling dry and greasy all at the same time (how is that even possible?!)  So, you’ll probably try to cram your fave ‘poo from home in your suitcase only to find when you’ve arrived that the bottle has either 1. Exploded or 2. Taken up exactly the amount of room you needed to bring that souvenir home. With bars there’s no such issues, pop your bar in its travel container and off you go, no explosions!

4      They are not just for your hair. If you’re in a pinch and squeezing for the very last drop of your body wash don’t reach for the hand soap sitting on the sink. Just lather your shampoo bar and you’ve got yourself an exquisite body wash. Also, if you’re an avid camper or backpacker then you can always rely on a bar to give your clothes a quick scrub down!

5      Have a good hair day…every day! Even if you’re new to ‘poo bars you’ll immediately notice the difference between bars and the bottle. Not only will you find that with the first couple of washes the leftover residue from your liquid shampoo will wash away but the natural ingredients will leave your hair feeling fresh and not weighed down. Just like trying anything new, you might have to give it a few tries before you notice a significant change, especially since for most people (and their hair) are used to shampoos with tonnes of chemicals and ingredient but don’t worry, soon, you’ll find yourself recommending shampoo bars to your friends.

Whether you have a sensitive scalp, dry or oily hair, we’ve got you covered. Check out our solid shampoo bars here and make the switch today!