Are you trying to find another low waste alternative for period products? Are you scared to make a change to a menstrual cup? Or does the menstrual cup not suit your needs? Or do you find reusable liners are not comfortable enough for you? 

Here we have another alternative period product for you! It is Period Underwear! You might have heard of this before, but not sure how this works, how to clean them and if it’s safe? Let’s learn all about period underwear. 

  • How does it work? 

Period underwear is a great alternative to single-use period products. The period underwear gusset is designed with triple or more layers that help to absorb your period blood and draw away the moisture and stay leakproof.   

There can be different absorbency options from light, moderate to heavy flow. For example, the heavy flow could absorb up to 3 tampons worth of blood! Isn’t that amazing! 

  • How do you feel when you wear period underwear? 

It feels nice and comfortable, the same as wearing regular underwear! You will not feel wet and keep yourself dry and clean! However, depending on your flow, if you feel wet after a while, it means it is time to change to a new pair. 

  • How long can you wear the period underwear? 

That will depend on your flow, but it is recommended not to wear them more than 8 hours. 

  • How do you wash them?  

The best thing to do when you are done wearing your period underwear is to wash and rinse them right away. First, flush out the flow into the sink with running water until the water starts clear. You can gently squeeze to help the material release everything.  

Then use soap and rub them and rinse again. Once the water runs clear, squeeze them to drain the absorbent material of excess water and then hang them to dry.  

Once dry you can reuse them again the next day! 

At the end of your period cycle, you can pop all your period underwear into the washing machine – cold cycle max 30 degrees, you may want to put them into a washbag to keep your period underwear last longer, but this is not essential) 

Once done, hang them out to dry and voila! You can reuse them for your next period! 

Please note, do not use any softener. it leaves a “water-proof” film on textiles that can counteract the naturally absorbing properties of your period undies 

  • How long does period underwear last? 

The lifespan of period underwear will depend on how many times you use them and how you have taken care of them by washing them in a cold cycle and hanging them to dry. They should last for up to 40 washes. 

  • How many pairs should I start with? 

It will also depend on how you are going to use them. Will you use them alone? Or do you have another backup?  

If you will use them alone, Depending how heavy your flow during that day, you will need between 1 – 3 pairs a day.  

If you are using them as a backup with your other period products. If you have a leak or overflow issue. Period underwear would be the best solution for this. You will need 1 pair a day 

Voila! That’s about it with period underwear! Let us know in the comment about your experience or if you have more questions about period underwear! 

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