Did you know that every year we throw away enough plastic to circle the Earth four times? We get it, plastic is so useful and versatile, but the effects of plastic waste on our planet are nothing but detrimental! If you have decided to participate in Plastic Free July this year, here are some easy swaps to help push you along. 

Swap plastic cotton buds for Bamboo Cotton Buds 

Did you know that regular cotton buds have plastic sticks and when broken down into microplastics and ingested by marine animals, it can block their digestive tracts and reduce their urge to eat, leading to starvation and sometimes death? Make the switch to Bamboo Cotton Buds which are biodegradable, compostable and most importantly, plastic free. Use them exactly how you would with regular cotton buds, except now you can be sure that you’ll reduce the amount of plastic ending up in our oceans! 

Make the switch to Soapberries (they have so many uses!) 

Although conventional laundry detergents make your dirty laundry smell as fresh as a summer afternoon, they often contain harmful chemicals toxic to plants and animals. Soapberries a wonderful and sustainable alternative to laundry detergents. They don’t contain any artificial ingredients and are so gentle that they’re suitable for baby clothes and sensitive skin! Soapberries can also be used for other purposes (e.g. bathroom cleaner, glass cleaner, surface cleaner) and when the berries become soft and brittle, pop them into your compost! 

Toothpaste, but way cooler and it comes with plastic free packaging – Natural Tooth Tablets! 

If you’re tired of squeezing toothpaste out of a plastic tube, switch to Natural Tooth Tablets! Yep – toothpaste, but in tablet form and in a glass jar! Georganics Tooth Tablets provide a clean and refreshing way of brushing your teeth. Simply chew 1 tablet in your mouth, let it dissolve, brush as usual, spit out then rinse! 

Say goodbye to disposable plastic cutlery with a Bamboo Cutlery Set  

Plastic eating utensils are everywhere… What’s worse is that plastic cutlery will not biodegrade, and in fact have a great chance of ending up buried in the sand along our beautiful beaches. Bamboo Cutlery are a sustainable and biodegradable alternative. Made from natural bamboo and finished with food-grade vegetable oil, keep a set handy in your bag, backpack or car, and never look back on plastic cutlery again! 

Environmentally friendly Dishwasher Tablets 

Did you know that regular dishwasher tablets have plastic wrap around them to keep their contents together before dissolving down our waterways? You might think that once the tablet gets drained, it’s no longer your problem, but that’s completely wrong! Use Dishwasher Tablets made from plant-based ingredients. With ingredients checked against international safety standards, you can be sure that they’re safer for you and our planet! 

Reap the rewards with a Reusable Coffee Cup! 

How many coffee cups do you think you’ve thrown out in your lifetime? What if we told you that you’d never have to throw out another coffee cup again in your life? With reusable Coffee Cups, you can reuse them over and over, and there are so many reasons why this lifetime investment is so worthwhile. From keeping your coffee hotter or colder for longer to cafes and coffee shops rewarding you with a discount just for bringing your own cup! 

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