It’s that time of year again! The time where kids head back to school and parents regain their me-time! Now, prepping for the school season can be easy and eco-friendly allowing you to save you money, time and the environment. But first, check what you already have. Just because it’s on the list should not mean you need a shiny, new replacement. It is always better to reuse what you already have rather than buy something new.  

Reusable cutlery and non-toxic lunchboxes
Aim to find reusables that will last for years and years. Reusables help minimise waste! Swap out zip-lock bags and single-use plastic cutlery to Bamboo Cutlery or silverware from home. Another way is to invest in a sturdy Stainless Steel Lunch Box to ensure it will last the rest of your child’s school years with all that tossing around in their school bag! 

Reusable water bottle
A water bottle is great to ensure your child stays hydrated throughout the school day – even better if it is reusable! Stainless steel bottles are a great alternative to plastic bottles. The Eco Warrior Stainless Steel Bottle is 100% plastic free and super sturdy, build to last over many years, can be recycled at the end of its life, and comes with a handle making it easier for your child to hold. 

Pack lunch & snacks
There is an overabundance of food and food packaging waste every year. Packing your child’s lunchbox means that you can help dictate their environmental footprint. Homemade lunches and snacks can vastly reduce the amount of food packaging waste normally found in supermarket- or cafeteria-bought options. When wrapping their food, remember to choose sustainable options – beeswax wraps, silicone wraps, silicone bags and even food pockets! 

Teach your kids why these choices are made  
Making eco-friendly decisions are great but it would be even better if your kids were also on board. Educate them about the choices you have made and why. Sometimes, they might not understand why they can’t have the pink plastic fairy lunchbox or the berry juice box with a straw. Explaining the impacts on the environment or animals can help your child better understand, and perhaps even become an active Eco Warrior themselves one day 

Making choices easier  
At The Eco Warrior, we aim to make achieving the eco-friendly lifestyle more achievable for you and your family. We have also created some Back-To-School Eco Packs to help you save money and the environment. Take a look below: 

Lunchbox Essentials Eco Pack

Box & Bottle Eco Pack

Inside-The-Lunchbox Eco Pack

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