Let’s talk cling wrap! If you are like most, you might have a long, bright yellow rectangular box of plastic wrap in your kitchen drawer. It’s one of those kitchen staples that’s always there for you. But, did you know that there are plastic free alternatives to cling wrap? You’ll be surprised how easy it is to skip plastic wrap next time after reading about these eco-friendly and reusable options! 

Earth-friendly and super cute Food Covers! 

Choose food covers that are reusable and will last you years! Not just for covering leftovers… These Food Covers are also perfect for keeping cut fruit and veggies (e.g. watermelon, pumpkin)! Comes in 4 different sizes with elasticated sides to fit over bowls, plates and foods of all shapes and sizes. Machine washable which means you can use these bad boys over and over! 

Reusable Sandwich Wrap made from organic cotton! 

So, you’ve just made a delicious sandwich for lunch… But you don’t want to use plastic cling wrap to cover it? We have the solution! The 4myearth Food Wrap is handmade from cotton and features a unique food-derived inner coating to keep your sandwich fresh! It also features a Velcro closure to ensure your lunch doesn’t spill in your bag. Once you’ve eaten your sandwich, give the Food Wrap a shake, then fold flat in your bag. 

100% Organic Cotton Food Pockets 

The perfect complement to holding loose snacks when you’re on-the-run, out and about for morning tea, holding the kids school snacks and even for storing food in the fridge! Made from 100% organic cotton and lined with a biodegradable food-based lining, these Food Pockets will keep your snacks fresh while you keep your plastic waste down! 

Silicone Food Storage Bag 

This is the perfect little kitchen companion! Store leftover food, bulk foods and snacks in this versatile bag. Made from food-grade silicone, this means that they are freezer safe, dishwasher safe, fridge safe and even microwave safe! So many different uses we can think of! 

Reusable Silicone Bowl Covers 

Do you reuse glass jars at home? Are you missing a lid or two for your jars? (How annoying!) We just found your new lids! Made from silicone, stretch these Bowl Covers over your jars, cups, mugs, bowls and even cut fruit and veggies! Best of all, these Bowl Covers come in a set of 6 to make sure they fit over a wide range of vessels and so that you can ditch plastic wraps once and for all! 

Think zip-lock bags but plastic free! 

Yep, you read right! Designed to replace the need for single-use zip-lock bags, store cookies, biscuits, carrot sticks, cucumber sticks or whatever you desire in these nifty and secure Food Bags. Features an easy-to-use zip for both children and adults, you’ll never look back once you have one of these in your life! 

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