Father’s Day is just around the corner. How will you show Dad or Pop how much you appreciate him this year? Here are a few ideas to make this Father’s Day a memorable day: 

Going fishing? 
Choose lead-free tackle! Lead is a neurotoxin that contaminates water and causes problems for marine animals, water quality and human health. According to the US EPA, fish that are exposed to excessive volumes of lead can exhibit a range of problems, including muscular and neurological degeneration and destruction, stunted growth, reproductive problems and paralysis. Tackle this problem by choosing ceramic sinkers over sinkers with lead. 

Don’t forget to clean up! Leftover fishing line can entangle wildlife so be sure to leave your fishing spot cleaner than you found it! 

Head to the Market 
This is a wonderful way to really spend some quality time together. Check out local produce and locally made foods. If it’s a beautiful day, bask in the sun and enjoy your new goodies with your Dad. 

Chuck a shrimp on the barbie! 

There are so many ways of having an eco-friendly BBQ – opt for a gas grill as they use the least amount of carbon footprint, choose sustainably sourced charcoal (the kind that does not have nasty additives), use reusable plates and cutlery instead of single use disposables, and lastly, drop the harsh chemical cleaner and clean that bad boy with a metal bristle and some heat. 

Gift in a jar 
If you’re anything like me and have a collection of empty glass jars waiting to be used, now is the time! Fill those empty jars up with your dad’s favourite homemade treats or coffee beans, or head to your local bulk store for local honey, coated nuts or a selection of his favourite things! 

Do some hard work and help out with the yard work  
Give your old man a break and do some weeding! Don’t forget to weed by hand to avoid using unnecessary chemical herbicides. 

“Ok, that’s enough rest for you Dad, come help!” Head to your Dad’s favourite hardware store – In Australia, that’s usually Bunnings Warehouse – and maximise your bonding time by planting new trees or plants around the house, or better yet… Is there an old project at home that needs some restoration? *wink wink nudge nudge ????  

These are just a few ideas I’ve brainstormed off the top of my head. How will you be making Father’s Day memorable this year? 




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