When thinking about adopting an eco-friendly and plastic free lifestyle, it might overwhelm you with how many changes you might have to make… and, it doesn’t help when everyone seems to have their two cents about your new lifestyle! So, let’s talk eco-friendly myths and settle the facts once and for all! 

It’s impossible to avoid single-use plastics 

We all know that single-use plastics have infiltrated our planet and are a major contributor to climate change. These days, it seems like everything we buy is packaged in cling wrap or plastic packaging! But it’s not impossible to cut disposable plastics out of your life – it just takes a little more organisation! 

Take reusable Produce Bags with you when you go grocery shopping; hydrate yourself with a Reusable Bottle; get your caffeine fix with a Reusable Coffee Cup; and don’t forget to BYO Cutlery Set and Reusable Straw! 

Small changes do not make a difference 

Wrong – Small changes DO make a difference! Sure, with one person alone, you might not be able to notice a difference but when multiple people, combined over time, are making the same small changes, the results are surprising! Take for example one person saying ‘No’ to a plastic straw and opting for their Reusable Bamboo Straw. Now imagine 20 million people saying ‘No’ to plastic straws and using their own reusable straw. That’s 20 million less plastic straws that could have been littered all over our planet! 

Detergent is the most harmful part of the laundry cycle 

When it comes to doing the laundry, choosing eco-friendly detergents such as That Red House’s Organic Soapberries or The Australian Natural Soap Co.’s Dish & Laundry Soap – which are biodegradable and feature plant-based ingredients – are the least of our worries. 

What’s most concerning is the process of heating the water as it uses a lot of energy and contributes to your laundry footprint. Is there a solution? Yes! Cut your carbon emissions by using low-temperature laundry cycles and by using hot water sparingly when washing clothes. 

Handwashing dishes is uses less water than a dishwasher 

Some ten or twenty years ago, sure, handwashing dishes would have been better than using a dishwasher. However, in today’s day and age, it depends on the model of dishwasher you are using and the detergent! The Ecostore’s Dishwasher Tablets are no-mess tablets and designed to leave your dishes sparkly clean. They also contain biodegradable enzymes, and plant and mineral-based ingredients which ensures no nasties are going down your drain and into the ocean! 

Eco-friendly products are hard to find 

Absolutely not! Think about all the eco-friendly online stores like The Eco Warrior – we stock a massive range of eco-friendly and plastic free items and ship worldwide with carbon-neutral delivery. From reusable straws to organic bar soaps and natural toothpaste to biodegradable bin liners, there is nothing ‘hard-to-find’ about eco-friendly products! 

Eco-friendly products are expensive 

There is no lie here that it depends on the product you are buying and where you are buying it from… but we can help! We have Reusable Straws from $2.99, Organic Tote Bags from $9.99 and our Eco Basics Starter Pack is only $19.99. So… Expensive? Where?! 

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