Introducing our Reusable Linen Gift Wrap! 

If you have ever ordered from The Eco Warrior, you would know that we reuse and repurpose cardboard boxes! This method is one of the ways we stay true to our eco-friendly values whilst packaging and sending orders to you. However, with Christmas approaching and our desire to step up our packaging game we have decided to introduce (organic) linen wrapping for your Christmas orders.

What does this mean? 

Linen wrapping is now a gift wrapping option! While it will cost extra, it is a great option for those who want to skip the plastic-lined wrapping paper or for those who don’t quite have the wrapping skills down packed. You could even buy the linen on its own to wrap your own gifts! Either way, make your Christmas gifts extra eco-friendly this year!  

We have three sizes available:

Small: 40x40cm (15×15 in)
Medium: 60×60 cm (23×23 in)
Large: 80×80 cm (30×30 in)

How to repurpose the linen? 

Linen wrap is easy to reuse and repurpose because it is not glued or taped, meaning there is less chance the fabric will be damaged and torn whilst being unwrapped (like paper!). Every piece of linen can be reused to wrap other presents, passing on the ability to be sustainable to your loved ones, but there is even more you can do… Small pieces are great for using as dish rags or wipes which can be washed afterwards. Larger pieces can be cut and sewn to create small reusable bags or pockets to take to the market or to store small items at home. You could even use the linen to repair clothing or material around the home. The options are endless!  

What is happening to the cardboard boxes? 

Don’t worry, they are not going anywhere! We still have plenty of boxes to reuse as packaging should you not choose the Linen Gift Wrap option. In addition, if you choose the have our team to wrap products in your order with linen for you, it will be of course be protected inside a cardboard during transit. 

How do we wrap using linen?  

There are a couple of ways to use linen as a wrap but because of the material it is easy to tie it off without the use of other products (i.e. tape or glue). If this cannot be achieved, the linen will be used as the wrap, and twine will be used as a way to secure it. But don’t worry, you should be able to reuse this too!


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