You might have heard of Plastic Free July – a fantastic event and global movement that challenges people not to use any single-use plastics during the month of July. It’s about you and our planet, and however much you think you can manage. But if we’re being honest, after just a few days you’ll probably realise how simple making these changes can be and might want to continue! And, as Plastic Free July starts in less than a week, there’s no time like now to start getting ready! 

What are single-use plastics? 

Single-use plastics refer to any plastic objects that are usually only used once and then discarded. This can include bottles, coffee cups, cutlery, straws, shopping bags and food packaging, to name a few. Before starting your Plastic Free July journey, decide which single-use plastics you want to eliminate.  

If this is your first time doing the challenge, a good place to start is to cut out the Big 4 – plastic straws, plastic bottles, plastic bags and coffee cups. 

Get prepped! 

A month-long challenge like this warrants some prep! Sit down, set your goals ahead of time and plan how you’re going to achieve them. Will you need some reusables? How will you tackle plastic food packaging? Write out your game plan so that you’re ready for business come July 1st. 

What are some alternatives to single-use plastics? 

There are plenty of earth-friendly alternatives to single-use plastics! 

Switch your plastic water bottle to a reusable water bottle. Our favourite is the Joco Drinking Flask. 

Stop using disposable coffee cups and invest in a reusable coffee cup. We love the Huskee CupJoco Cup and Ever Eco Tumbler. 

You can even reduce your plastic consumption by using reusable food wraps, instead of using plastic cling wrap. There are so many types, including silicone stretch wrapsorganic cotton food coverssandwich wrapsfood pocketsvegan beeswax wraps and more! 

If you are looking for more options, head to our website to see what you can swap out! Click here. 

Get involved! 

Engaging in the challenge is half the fun and when you’re part of an online community, we can all support one another and share our stories! We will be sharing tips and tricks throughout the month on our Instagram @the.eco.warriorTag us on your posts and use #PlasticFreeJulyWithTheEcoWarrior to join the conversation! 

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