Are you thinking about making eco-friendly switches or living a plastic free lifestyle? Look no further than our Eco Starter Packs! Our Starter Packs are a bundle of our best products, specially chosen by us… for you! (You also save money!) From Bathroom to Laundry to Farmer’s Market to simply The Basics, we have got everything you need to kick start your eco-friendly journey. 

Eco Starter Pack – The Basics 

At a mere $19.99, The Basics Starter Pack could be everything you need to give yourself that eco-friendly push! Featuring our bestsellers: the Bamboo Toothbrush, Stainless Steel Straw with Sisal Cleaning Brush and The Eco Warrior Tote Bag. This Starter Pack will take you from your grocery shopping trip to the markets and to the bathroom! 

Eco Farmer’s Market Starter Pack 

How often do you frequent your local Farmer’s Market? Is your market trip plastic free? In this Starter Pack, you’ll find: a Food Bag, Bamboo Straw, Mixed Set of Organic Produce Bags and The Eco Warrior Tote Bag.  

All products are 100% plastic free, reusable and biodegradable. From storing your favourite snacks in the Food Bag; loose fruit, veggies or herbs you pick up along the way in the Produce Bags; using the Bamboo Straw to sip on your freshly squeezed juice or smoothie, then popping all your items in the Tote Bag, you’ll be avoiding plastic like you’ve been doing it your whole life with this Starter Pack! 

Eco On-The-Go Starter Pack 

Do life in style with this Starter Pack! Featuring a Reusable Joco Cup for your morning coffee to afternoon pick-me-up coffee; a Stainless Steel Straw AND Bamboo Straw because… Why not?!; a Mixed Set of Produce Bags for your unplanned fruit and veg shop run; and The Eco Warrior Tote Bag for your essentials, this Starter Pack has everything you need to fuel your on-the-go lifestyle! 

Eco Bathroom Starter Pack 

Fact: Did you know that the last toothbrush you used still exists somewhere in the world? Plastic takes at least 1000 years to break down! You won’t find plastic anywhere near this Starter Pack. Featuring a Bamboo Toothbrush, Body Soap Bar, Sisal Exfoliating Glove and Bath Salts. Treat yourself to a lavish scrub, gentle exfoliation and relaxing bath… the plastic-free way. 

Eco Kitchen Starter Pack 

While our kitchens are the heart of our homes, they’re also a hotspot for plastic waste and environmental harm. This Starter Pack features a Veggie Brush to scrub your veggies; a twin pack of scourers for those stubborn food residues; Food Pocket for your favourite snacks; Stainless Steel Straw with Sisal Cleaning Brush; and chemical free Dish Wash Liquid with a refillable pouch and pump bottle! 

Eco Laundry Starter Pack 

Is your laundry routine plastic free? From Stainless Steel Pegs to Biodegradable Bin Bags to 100% organic Soapberries, make the switch to the plastic free lifestyle today! 

Eco Cleaning Starter Pack 

Have you noticed how difficult it is to find chemical-free cleaning products, not just in cleaning sprays and liquids, but also microplastic-free scrubs and brushes? Featuring a twin pack of Scourers, Dish Brush and Scrub Pad… ALL made from coconut husks, and a pack of organic Soapberries. This Starter Pack gives you the ability to clean your house from top to toe using plastic free products that are 100% friendly to our environment. 

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How many of your bathroom products are stored in one use plastic?


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