Did you know that sustainable switches can help you save money (and the environment)? We know the price tag of sustainable items can be overwhelming, and therefore, can seem expensive. But, we promise the savings – once we break it down for you – will amaze you and will be well worth the simple switch!   

SAVE money by switching to a Safety Razor 

Plastic razors are not designed to last a lifetime. Tell us we’re wrong: you use them a few times, then dispose of them. Switch to a Safety Razor made from brass alloy, designed to last a lifetime And, they use stainless steel blades (AKA. completely recyclable). 

So, how will you SAVE? Plastic razors are designed to last anywhere between 5-10 shaves which cost ~$5 for one. Let’s say you shave once a week which means one razor will last you ~2 months. In one year, you’ll need six razors which gives you a total spend of $30. In six years, this will cost you $180!  

On the other hand, one Safety Razor ($34) will last a lifetime! The only expense is the Double-Edge Replacement Blades at $2 for a pack of 5. If one blade has a useful life of 16 shaves (8 shaves per side), you will only need to change the blade every 4 months! With a pack of 5 replacement blades, this will last you 1.5 years! In six years, you’re looking at spending only $8!  

Curious on how to use a Safety Razor? Read all about it here: https://theecowarrior.eco/how-to-use-a-double-edged-safety-razor/ 

    SAVE money by switching to a Bar Soaps 

    Did you know that bottled soaps are mainly comprised of water? Most commonly seen as Aqua. Typically, you’ll find Aqua at the beginning of ingredient lists because ingredients are listed in descending order by quantity! So, why pay for soap that is basically water? Switch to Natural Bar Soaps which will help with saving money AND the planet by reducing your plastic consumption and unnecessary additives in bottled soaps. 

    So, how will you save? For the average person who showers once daily, a 500mL bottle of body soap that costs $5 lasts approximately 2-3 weeks. In one year, you’re spending $86 on soap alone! On the other hand, a well-drained bar of soap costing $6.50 should last 4-6 weeks. In one year, you’re spending $56 – that’s a total savings of $20 per year!




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      SAVE money by switching to Soapberries 

      Soapberries are another natural alternative to bottled soaps and can be used in a number of ways! They are naturally antibacterial, antifungal and hypoallergenic which makes them suitable for those with the most sensitive of skin.  

      So, how will you save? A 250g bag of Soapberries costs $15. To use Soapberries for bathroom purposes, you’ll need to create a Soapberry Liquid Base. We recommend using 10 shells per 1L of water which can be used to create shampoo, body soap, shaving cream, gentle baby wash and hand wash. This means one bag will give you 45+ different uses. If the average bottle of soap costs ~$5, 45 different bottles will cost you ~$225 – that’s a massive difference between $15! 

      For all the different ways you can use soapberries, click here: https://theecowarrior.eco/different-ways-you-can-use-soapberries/


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        SAVE the environment by switching to Refillable Dental Floss 

        Regular dental flosses are made from nylon – a plastic! How many of these dental flosses are refillable that you’re aware of? We don’t know of any! Generally, they’re encased in a single-use disposable container and when that’s been disposed of, you’d grab a new one! 

        Our Refillable Dental Floss containers are made from glass and a metal cap dispenser which can be twisted open! This means you’ll never have to buy a whole new dental floss ever again, you can simply refill it with our Refillable Flosses! How’s that for reducing your plastic consumption and making a super easy sustainable switch! 


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