What is a Summer or holiday without a visit to the ocean? Did you know protecting your skin and the ocean as well is something we need to consider? Apart from the bonding moments with loved ones and friends, leaving the ocean worse off after a visit isn’t a fun thing, to say the least. So, keeping the environment safe is a little thing you can do while giving your skin the best care it deserves during summer. 

How do you protect your skin and the ocean?  

By using eco-conscious sunscreen products… 

It is quite common to find several products promising your skin all the care and protection from the harsh sun but it is important to consider the ingredients and impacts they have on you and the environment and pampering your skin with sunscreen free of oxybenzone, octinoxate, and other harmful substances is a must. It is fair not only to your skin but to the water elements too which is why you might have heard the term “reef safe” sunscreen. 

Ecofriendly sunscreens are simply the care your skin needs.  

Lying under the sun with chemically laded sunscreens is no longer attractive because, these harsh chemicals permeate into your skin, posing avoidable skin/health challenges. Thankfully, nature always has the best of humans in mind and you can lay your hands on Sunbutter, water-resistant reef safe sunscreen cream, and be grateful for its unique offerings. This ecofriendly product is made with nature’s best and is nice to your skin and the ocean as well. 

You also owe the ocean a little 

Don’t panic, keeping the ocean safe is not solely your task but you tender a little help to the dying corals. With studies screaming about the alarming state of environmental pollution and the injury of marine elements no thanks to human interaction, buying eco-friendly sunscreens can minimize the situation. When you apply sunscreens with harsh chemicals, they are washed off your skin in the water when swimming. With traces of oxybenzone, octinoxate, and others, the coral reefs get bleached and suffer.  

Terrible for the ocean eco-system, isn’t it? So, next time you are thinking of sunbathing or taking a dive into the ocean, consider sunscreens products that are reef-safe and kind to your skin too.  



What to look out for when buying eco-friendly sunscreen

  1. Double-check the ingredients. Sunbutter is made with UVA –and UVB block zinc oxide, deliberate in keeping your skin moisturized for the next 4 hours after each use. Additionally, most eco-conscious sunscreen creams claim effective and reef-safe, take care to ensure they do not have oxybenzone, octinoxate or their substitute. 
  2. Gentle on the skin. What is safe sunscreen without care to the skin? Sunbutter is a food-grade formulated cream, and you can rub it all over your body and face. 
  3. Look out for sunscreen in plastic-free packaging. If you are trying to live a zero-waste life, then you should look out for sunscreen products in plastic free packaging, Sunbutters comes in an aluminum tub.  You can reuse the containers or have them recycled for other purposes.
  4. Sunscreen creams are safer than sprays. Cream is rubbed on the skin and stays on the skin whereas, sprays may drift and rest on the sand, giving the tide the chance to sweep it into the sea.  

Here are our product recommendations for vegan, reef safe, plastic-free sunscreens


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Last word 

No matter what it takes, taking care of your skin will always be a priority that cannot be ignored as well as helping the environment in whatever way you can. That is why, making Sunbutter sunscreen your go-to sunscreen product is a pretty and helpful choice to you and the world you live in.  

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