We live in a world where using plastic has become a norm. It’s everywhere we look and it’s even sadder to think about the impact it has on our planet. While cutting ties with plastic once and for all would be rather difficult, we believe that there are steps you can take to make the transition to a plastic free lifestyle as seamless as possible. After all, small changes = BIG difference! 

Carry your own Reusable Drink Bottle and Cups 

Before you reach for a plastic water bottle, you might like to think twice about the harmful chemicals present in plastic bottles. Most plastic items release tiny amounts of chemicals in the beverages (or food) they contain, and as temperature and time increases, the chemical bonds in plastic are more likely to break down and leach into the water. We recommend carrying a reusable bottle with you when you’re out and about. Not only will you save money in the long run, but you’ll also stay hydrated throughout the day! And when your reusable bottle is running on empty, simply refill at your nearest water refill station! Our favourite reusable bottle is the Joco Drinking Flask. It’s made from glass and features a natural wood lid and silicone sleeve! Best of all, it’s completely plastic free and will last you a lifetime (if you’re careful!). 

Never Go Shopping Without Reusable Shopping Bags 

Plastic bags are horrible for the environment in every way, shape and form. For one plastic bag to completely decompose, it takes 10-20 years! If you have existing bags at home, reuse them during your next grocery shop or invest in reusable shopping bags made from natural or recycled materials. These bags are sturdier than their plastic counterparts and will last you years upon years, so you can reuse them again and again! 

Take the Time to Look for Non-Packaged Foods 

A great starting point to transitioning to a plastic free lifestyle is to look into where you can purchase non-packaged foods. For some, this may be your local bulk grocery store. For others, this may entail a trip to the farmer’s market on the weekend! If these options aren’t available to you, our tip for you is to choose plastic-free fresh fruits and veggies, and items packaged in glass jars or cardboard boxes, instead of those packed in plastic containers and sealed plastic bags. Then, pop them into your trolley bags, and repeat! 

Bring Your Reusables 

Keep reusable cutlerydrinking straws, a drinking bottlecoffee cupshopping bags and produce bags at the ready when you’re out and about. You’ll find that being prepared will make all the difference to making the transition to a plastic free lifestyleSome reusable items might be an investment at first, but creating this habit will allow you to drastically cut plastic from your life, and before you know it, it’ll become second nature to you! 

Make Your Own Plant Milk 

If you regularly drink nut or seed milk, learn to make your own! This way, you will reduce the amount of plastic bottles entering your home, and you might even save money! The Nut Milk Bag is a versatile kitchen essential and your secret to creating the smoothest creations.  

How to: Strain soaked and blended nut or seed milk through the bag to remove any pulp or fiber remains, squeeze to extract all the liquid, add sweetener is desired, chill, drink, then enjoy! 

Clean Your Home with Vinegar! 

You’d be surprised at how many common household essentials can be used as a natural cleaning ingredient… And one of these is vinegar! With its powerful cleaning and disinfectant properties, use vinegar to create a homemade cleaning spray, scrub stains off clothing, polish silverware or unclog the sink 

Our favourite vinegar cleaning solution to clean surfaces is: 

  • ½ cup white vinegar 
  • ½ cup water 
  • 12-24 drops of essential oil 

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