Ethique Bamboo & Cornstarch White In-Shower Container


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Need a hand-keeping your shampoo and conditioner dry? This in-shower containers are just the ticket!

Made with bamboo & corn-starch, our certified compostable* in-shower containers (that’s right, compostable, not plastic) are specifically designed to fit one Ethique shampoo and one Ethique conditioner bar, they will not fit our sturdy body wash bars.

Size (approx): base: 8cm by 6.5cm, total height: 7.5cm
Fits One Ethique shampoo & one Ethique conditioner; they will not fit Ethique sturdy body wash bars.

Pro tip: The container will last up to five years in your shower. To keep the container in tip-top shape, we recommend that the container is washed at least once a month with warm soapy water and dried thoroughly.

* These are certified compostable. To compost them you can pop them in your compost bin at home, or bury them in the garden if your council doesn’t accept them.

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