SealPod Aluminium Sticker Lids For Reusable Capsules (100 pack)


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These SealPod Espresso Sticker Lids are designed to be used for brewing coffee with the SealPod Reusable Capsules. Made with food-grade adhesive, the SealPod capsule and sticker design allows for pressure to build up in the capsule, producing a perfect extraction and deliciously thick crema. After use these sticker lids can be recycled.

  • Includes 100x sticker lids
  • Made with food-grade adhesive
  • Recyclable sticker lids

Use Instructions:
Simply fill, tamp, using the base of scoop, and seal, with the stickers, to enjoy a barista style cup of coffee at home. You can also fill and store using the fresh cover.

Aluminium, recycled cardboard.

End of Life:
Recycle aluminium lids after use.


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