Danielle Blunt

I’m Danielle, former fashion buyer, continuous wanderluster and aspiring Eco Warrior! Yes, aspiring, but more about that later!

A background in retail buying, IT services for small business, and marketing gave Danielle a firm foundation from which to start a business that would effect change. Today, people look to Danielle for help to create out of the box solutions, and she’s passionate about working with like-minded people through her role in the Entrepreneur’s Organisation and as President of the Young Alumni Committee of The University of Adelaide.



Biscuit’s favourite part of the morning is saying hello to each member of the team. Her favourite thing about working for The Eco Warrior is that she gets attention every minute of the day. Her least favourite thing is being the tester for dog shampoo, she hates the water!

marketing assistant

Andra Istikana

Andra is our Marketing Assistant, she looks after our website and makes sure everything running as smoothly as possible and is our in-house Pinterest queen!

Andra is all about self-improvement and loves working on her web designing skills. She also loves sipping on lattes at cool cafes or relaxing on the beach.