The farmer’s market offers fresh produce and beautiful items at some of the best prices that you won’t see in store. Coming home with a bag or trolley full of goods is always exciting. But have you ever noticed the single-use plastics that float around the markets; sometimes plastic produce bags, sometimes plastic cups and straws? Avoiding these items can sometimes be difficult. So, here are some tips for a sustainable farmer’s market trip!  

Produce Bags – $19.99 

Reusable produce bags are a godsend when it comes to your fruit and veg haul. Simply replace the single-use plastic bags with a mesh, muslin or net produce bag and you’re good to go. They’re extremely lightweight so they won’t hurt your wallet. Better yet, they have a drawstring closure meaning that they’re great at storage after the markets as well!  

Food Bag – $16.99 

Sometimes the produce bags are too large though. What do you do? You use a smaller food bag. These are great for smaller things like garlic and ginger, or grapes and nuts. They also come with a zip closure making it easy to transfer from market to home and out again.  

Organic Netted Tote Bag – $9.99 

Only getting a few items at the farmer’s market? Don’t want to bring a trolley or bag full of other produce bags? Then try a tote bag. Lightweight and easy to carry with the larger handles, it’s perfect for the single items that don’t need their own bag. It definitely makes for a quick and sustainable trip to the market. 

Reusable Bamboo Straw – $2.99 

An iced coffee or tea, or smoothie in the morning is a good way to wake up and feel a little more refreshed in the morning. When it comes to farmer’s markets, there are often stalls all around to help you with that. So, drink away, but don’t take that plastic straw! Instead, use a bamboo straw so that you don’t get home with plastic you just have to throw away.  

Reusable Glass Cup – $29.99 

You could even go the extra mile and bring your own reusable cup! These glass cups are great for your morning coffee or tea and come in a range of sizes and colours. These also have a thermal silicone sleeve meaning you won’t be burning yourself on the sides of the cup. 

Eco Farmer’s Market Starter Pack – $41.99 

So, now you know how, all you have to do is go! The Eco Farmer’s Market Starter Pack includes all the essentials for a sustainable trip to the farmer’s market, meaning it includes everything talked about here. That is:  

  • 1x The Eco Warrior Tote Bag 
  • 1x 4MYEARTH Food Bag 
  • 1x Ever Eco Bamboo Straw 
  • 1x Ever Eco 100% Organic Produce Bags (4 pack) 


So, go ahead and save the planet one market trip at a time.  

Feature image source: https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/200550989644458748/

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