Can you put the words “travelling” and “low impact” together in one sentence? Of course, you can! We all know that travelling can be extremely polluting and wasteful at times, but there are ways to reduce your impact on the environment whilst continuing to enjoy your trip! 

Take a reusable bottle 

This is super important if your goal is to reduce your plastic waste! How often do you find yourself buying new bottles of water every time you feel thirsty? In addition to this, it is SUPER important to stay hydrated when travelling, even more so when you’re travelling to a hot country! Make the switch to a Joco Reusable Bottle, you’ll thank us for this tip later! 

Carry the essentials and refuse disposables during your flight 

If you are taking a long-haul flight, your airline might offer you some snacks and beverages. Most of their items come individually wrapped in plastic, either made of plastic or aluminium 

Solution 1: Did you know that you can bring your own snacks onto a plane? Yep! This way you can avoid all their single-use disposables, contribute less waste and choose to eat your own healthy snacks! 

Solution 2: If you haven’t brought your own snacks, you can still travel low impact by bringing your own reusable Cutlery Set and Straw! Plus, there’s a good chance that you’ll be needing them again during your trip! 

Carry a reusable bag  

Don’t forget to carry a lightweight and reusable bag with you, just in case you need to buy something! The Eco Warrior Netted Tote Bag is made with soft, organic and unbleached cotton, is compact enough to stow away when it is not needed, and strong enough to hold all your new travel goodies! 

Say no to plastic straws 

This is one of the easiest things to do, but often one of the most forgotten! If you have brought your own Reusable Straw, take yours out and pop it in your drink! Otherwise, if you are able-bodied and do not need to depend on straws, ditch them completely! 

Make the switch to a menstrual cup 

If you anticipate getting your period whilst travelling, don’t fret – just plan ahead! We all know that pads and tampons create so much waste and that many of them are made using plastic. Eek! Make the switch to a menstrual cup and never look back! Lunette Menstrual Cups are made from soft, medical grade silicone which are BPA and chemical free, and they give you a comfortable, odourless and eco-friendly period for up to 12 hours a day! 

Switch to natural bar soaps

Travelling with bar soaps isn’t only better for the environment as they are made with natural ingredients and come packaged in recycled cardboard… or sometimes nothing at all! They also take up much less space and can save you money as they last longer. Try our Original Solid Shampoo, Conditioner for Sensitive/Oily Hair, Luscious Lavender Body Soap or Salt Body Cleanser – all our soaps are 100% organic, palm oil free, cruelty free, biodegradable and vegan! 


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