Have you started thinking about what you’ll be gifting your loved ones for Christmas this year? Perhaps they live a conscious lifestyle and support only vegan and cruelty free products. It would only make sense if you gifted them something that reflects their values too, right? Not sure where to begin? It’s a good thing The Eco Warrior is all about sustainability! 

Make Your Own Cleaning Kit 

The Make Your Own Cleaning Kit is the perfect gift to get your special someone started on creating their own household disinfectants and surface sprays using only natural products! So much fun (and cleanliness!) can be had with just pure essential oils, Castille soap and a couple Amber glass spray bottles. It even comes with an instruction booklet with recipes to help get them started. 

Vegan Wax Wraps 

There is now an alternative to beeswax-based wraps! These Vegan Wax Wraps are made from organic cotton, Candelilla wax, non-GMO soy wax, damar tree resin and jojoba oil. If you know your family member or friend has been looking for an alternative to plastic cling wrap, this is it! They’re completely washable and reusable, and will last them MONTHS, instead of being a short-lived product that’s single-use! 

Organic Bar Soaps 

First things first, who doesn’t love nice-smelling bars of soaps? Bonus points if they’re organic, cruelty free, vegan, palm oil free, biodegradable and are minimally packaged! Our Bar Soaps vary from facial cleansersbody soapsbody exfoliatorsshampoo and more! So, if you know someone who has been wanting to switch up their shower routine, gift them some bar soaps! 

Natural Deodorant 

Do you know someone who’s been thinking about making the switch to a natural deodorant for some time now? Woohoo’s Natural Deodorant works even for the sweatiest of people and for those with skin sensitivities. It’s the gentlest and most effective natural deodorant you’ll find and it’s 100% vegan friendly and cruelty free! 

Organic Cotton Food Wraps 

We know the perfect gift for your special someone who has been making an effort towards reducing their single-use plastic consumption – Organic Cotton Food Wraps! Let them know they’ll be seeing the last of plastic cling wrap. Gift them Food Covers to help them curb plastic when storing leftovers; Bread Bag so they can take this it along with them when doing their routine bakery run; a Food Pocket to hold their snacks whilst on-the-go; or Food Wrap to wrap their homemade lunches for work! 

Reusable Gift Wrap 

Above all things Christmas gifts, how will you wrap your gifts sustainably? We know! Reusable Fabric Gift Wraps! Gift the gift that keeps on giving. These Reusable Gift Wraps have been sourced from our local thrift soap and have been repurposed to give them another meaning to life. Add these to your cart if you’re choosing to wrap sustainably this year – they’re available in different sizes, colours and patterns! 

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