Is the special lady in your life a careful and conscious shopper? She might be an Eco Warrior, and if that’s the case, perfect! If not, well, our gift ideas are for everyone so keep reading – you might stumble across a gift idea you had never thought of before! 

The Gift That Keeps on Giving – Reusable Gift Wraps 

The first question is… What will you be wrapping your Mother’s Day Gift in? Our Reusable Gift Wraps are the eco-friendly alternative to plastic-lined gift-wrapping paper. Each piece has been sourced from our local thrift shop and cut to size, giving it a new meaning to life! They come in 3 different sizes (40cm x 40cm, 60cm x 60cm and 80cm x 80cm) and are available in a range of colours and fabrics. After she has opened her gift, reuse the fabric to wrap another gift or turn it into a hanky, the options are endless! 

For Her Gift Pack 

What to get the special woman in your life when you don’t know what to get her at all? The For Her Gift Pack! Treat her with gifts she’ll actually use – this gift pack comes with an Organic Cotton Netted Tote Bag, Natural Deodorant, Luscious Lavender Body Soap and Reclaimed Wood Soap Holder. Now, tell us who wouldn’t love this as a gift! 

Rose Gold Safety Razor  

This is one of our newest products and it’s coming in hot! The Rose Gold Safety Razor offers a simple, sleek and plastic free shaving experience for women who also like to keep their plastic waste low. This Safety Razor also comes with 10 replacement blades and is made with ultra-durable brass alloy, electroplated with a luxe rose gold finish. We also think this razor would look pretty chic in her bathroom! 

A DIY Cleaning Sit for the DIY savvy! 

Does your wife, mother, grandmother or even sister(!) love to DIY her own products? Help her out even more by gifting her the Make Your Own All Natural Cleaning Kit! This cleaning kit is packed with 3 essential oil bottles, castille soap, 2x reusable glass spray bottles, labels and an instruction booklet. She’ll end up with surface cleaners, kitchen sprays, bathroom sprays and a whole new meaning to life! 

100% Natural Deodorant 

If she has been thinking about making the switch to a Natural Deodorant, give her that extra nudge and gift her Woohoo Natural Deodorant! These deodorant tubes are 100% plastic free (they are cardboard tubes!), natural, cruelty free and Australian made. And if she needs some more encourage on making the switch from conventional to natural deodorant, head here! 

Premium and Organic Loose Leaf Tea for a Premium Women! 

Did you know that we now stock Food & Wellness products on our website? (Our best decision yet!) If she is a tea drinker, gift her none other than beautifully crafted premium and organic Loose Leaf Tea. We have Immunity Tea, Calm & Relax Tea and Detox & Cleanse Tea. All teas are, of course, 100% plastic free and packaged in environmentally friendly reusable glass jars! 

Reusable Cup for the Coffee or Tea Drinkers! 

Does she frequently buy coffee on-the-go or hurriedly scull her tea before she heads out? We couldn’t think of a more useful gift – that would also get used on a daily basis – than a Reusable Cup! The Huskee Reusable Cup is made from coffee husks (the outside the coffee) and may be the most sustainable solution to a reusable cup yet! 

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