Have you shopped with us before? If you haven’t, let us tell you that the package you receive might not look how you’ll expect it to! A cereal box? A shoebox? Allow us to explain ourselves! At The Eco Warrior, we preach sustainability, using what you have and minimising your impact on the planet.  And, few of the ways we achieve this are by offering carbon-neutral delivery on all orders, contributing to the circular economy and saving cardboard boxes we acquire, then repurposing them into packing boxes. 

What does carbon-neutral delivery mean? 

We believe that a great online shopping experience and delivery service shouldn’t cost the Earth, and that’s why we offer Carbon-Neutral Delivery with ALL orders!  

But what does it mean? 

Carbon neutral means: 

  • Reducing emissions from our operations as much as possible 
  • Compensating for the remaining emissions by investing in carbon offset projects 

You might be aware that the process of delivering a parcel emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which is shown to have a negative impact on our environment. 

So, how does offsetting work? 

The process of carbon offsetting is a 3-step process. First, we calculate how much carbon is used. Secondly, we reduce these emissions as much as possible. Lastly, we purchase and cancel carbon offsets (a.k.a. carbon credits) to achieve carbon neutrality – equivalent to the remaining emissions – to match the calculated emissions for the deliveries provided to our customers. 

What is a circular economy? 

Let’s start off with discussing the linear economy. Over the past 200 years or so, our planet has survived and thrived with a linear economy. This means that raw materials are used to make a product, and after its use any waste (e.g., packaging) is thrown away (i.e. Make, Use, Dispose). This process hasn’t always been “bad” – it has created economic wealth, job opportunities and success for many businesses – but as the world’s population has grown to almost 8 billion people today, we’re using our resources faster than they can be regenerated! 

A circular economy is restorative and regenerative by design – it’s a closed-loop system. The essence of a circular economy is being efficient by keeping products and materials in use for as long as possible to get the maximum value from them. It’s more sustainable and it has many benefits to our economy including reducing waste, driving greater resource productivity, reducing environmental impacts saving Earth’s natural resources. 

So, how do we contribute to the circular economy? 

If you’ve shopped with us before, you would know that we reuse cardboard boxes and packaging materials sent to us by our suppliers. Heck, we even bring in boxes from home – tissue boxes, cereal boxes, you name it! Then, we pick out the products you’ve ordered, grab a suitable-sized box, carefully place your products in the box, fill the gaps with tissue paper/scrunched up magazine paper/newspaper, then secure your parcel with plastic free tape, and off it goes! 

When we say we’re sustainable, we mean it!  

The Cardboard Boxes We Ship Your Orders In 

As mentioned, we reuse cardboard boxes to pack your orders! Starting with the cardboard boxes from our suppliers to empty food boxes we are left with from eating snacks at home. To this day, we have not been concerned with running out as it is self-sustaining with our co-workers bringing in their own boxes!   

How We Pack Your Orders! 

Step 1: When we receive a new order, we pick out the items from your order.  

Step 2: We find a suitable sized box from our collection of recycled boxes.  

Step 3: This is followed by playing a short game of Tetris with your items and the chosen box!  

Step 4: We find and repurpose newspaper, magazines and other packing materials to fill the gaps in your package to stop items from moving around – We don’t want your precious items getting damaged on their journey to you!   

Step 5: After picking and packing your order, it is then secured with a biodegradable water-based adhesive tape followed by a print–out of your label. And now, it’s ready to go!  

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