Influencer Collaboration

Our Mission

The Eco Warrior’s purpose is to be the online hub where you can find inspiration and purchase easy alternatives to reduce your waste and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

When it comes to influencer collaboration we want to stay true to our mission. This is why we have chosen not to send products for free to influencers as we think this creates more waste if the product is not really what the influencer needs.

Only the Best

Influencer Partnerships

How do we collaborate? We partner with influencers that share our values and are excited to show their following the products they actually use daily. This way the content created is authentic and meaningful.  Influencers are able to purchase the products they need at cost price with a special influencer discount code.

Influencer Payment

Pay per Post

If you would prefer to be paid per service please send your media kit and service price list to info@theecowarrior.com.au 




Pay via Commission

If you would prefer a commision based payment option please register via this link.