It’s mid-October. Some of us are thinking about it already. Some of us might not be thinking about it yet. But for those who are… CHRISTMAS IS ONLY AROUND THE CORNER! If you’re super organised and have been thinking about having a sustainable Christmas this year, we’re here to help guide you! 

DIY Christmas Décor 

Before you go out and buy decorations this year, stop and think. Do you really need to buy new baubles or festive house decorations? Do you have items at home that can be repurposed or crafted? How about getting creative and doing it yourself?! Our favourite Christmas items to DIY are Christmas cards, candle holders, and ornaments. And, don’t forget that less is more when it comes to the holidays! 

Plastic Free Christmas “Tinsel”  

Tinsel is a great way to add some sparkle to your tree, but they’re not great for the environment! They’re typically made from plastic which cannot be recycled. Instead, try opting for a plastic free alternative by making your own. Do you have some acorns handy? Perhaps some felt and/or wool balls? Perfect! Grab a long piece of jute rope and thread them through! We might be biased but we think they look 100x better than plastic tinsel already! 

Citrus Ornaments  

Dried citrus slices make beautiful ornaments! Not only are they super easy to make, but they can also make the house smell glorious whilst you’re at it! 

How to: 

Grab a handful of oranges, grapefruits, lemons or limes. Slice into 1-2cm slices and carefully remove the seeds. Pat them dry. Arrange the fruit slices onto a baking tray then bake on low heat (150-170) for 3-4 hours. Remember to flip them every hour until the fruits are dried. 

Alternatively, you can dry them naturally by leaving them on the windowsill or on wood slats under the hot sun for a few days. If using this method, we recommend cutting thinner slices as they will dry faster! 

Eco-Friendly Name Cards  

Planning on hosting this year’s Christmas lunch/dinner party? We have a great idea for name cards – use fresh greenery! Best of all, you can make them yourself! Grab a handful of sizable leaves and handwrite your guest’s names on them. When the lunch/dinner party is over, you can add them back into the garden or throw them into your green bin. 

Gift Wrapping with Newspaper 

The gift-giving season usually means a whole lot of presents which also means a whole lot of wrapping paper used and thrown away in one day! Gift wrapping paper is often dyed, laminated and/or contains non-paper additives such as gold and silvercoloured shapes glitter, plastics, etc. which cannot be recycled, so let’s try to avoid this where possible! We recommend upcycling old newspapers and giving them a new meaning to life! Finish them off with some jute string, some leaves and your special presents looks as good as gold! 

Gift Wrapping with Fabric (aka. furoshiki) 

Furoshiki is the practice of using cloth to wrap gifts and carry items, and it’s also a great eco-friendly alternative to conventional gift-wrapping paper! Essentially, a single rectangular or square piece of fabric is used and the technique used to wrap the present can be as simple or as complicated as you’d like! Better yet, the fabric can be used again and again, whether it is used by the gift-receiver to wrap another present or used as a tea towel around the home! 

See our range of fabrics here! 


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