Turn your weekly grocery shop into a more environmentally friendly experience. Do you feel frustrated when you see another shopper unapologetically ripping out supermarket-supplied plastic produce bags or seeing the cashier pack the other shopper’s items into plastic bags? Environmentally conscious shopping goes way beyond how to shop without plastic bags or plastic packaging but in a more eco-friendly way, whether you have access to bulk grocery stores or not. Here are a few simple ways to minimise your environmental footprint when shopping: 

When in doubt, buy in bulk! 

If you are lucky enough to have access to a bulk grocery store, you’re pretty much all set up! Bulk grocery stores stock fresh fruit and veggies, and nuts, seeds, grains (and more!) where you can grab exactly what you need and simply pay by weight. Just don’t forget to bring your own resuable jars and containers! 

Organic Produce Bags 

Small change, massive difference! Think about all the plastic bags you will have reduced on a weekly or fortnightly basis simply by reusing your Organic Produce Bags. These produce bags are the perfect alternative and solution to drastically reducing your environmental footprint. Suitable for holding loose productssmall items and more, they also weigh next to nothing! 

Organic Cotton Netted Tote Bag 

Another way to minimise your environmental footprint is to bring your own shopping bags! Reusable bags have the benefit of being more reliable and sturdier than plastic bags, and can make you look very stylish! Our Organic Cotton Netted Tote Bag is made from unbleached organic cotton, is super lightweight and is the perfect replacement for plastic bags. Keep reusable bags in your car or in your bag so that they’re always within reach whenever you need to go shopping! 

Bread Bag 

Reusable Bread Bags are for those who care about the environment, and if you’re reading this, then that’s you! If you buy bread from your local bakery or Farmer’s Market, bring this Bread Bag along with you to lighten your footprint on our precious Earth! They are ethically handmade from cotton canvas with a zip close, and feature a unique food-derived biodegradable coating to keep your goodies instead fresher for longer. 

Don’t Forget Your Reusable Coffee Cup  

Imagine this: You’re casually grocery shopping, then catch a whiff of coffee beans. Mmm… We know what you’re thinking! And what’s that? You also packed your Reusable Coffee Cup before you left the house! Perfect – now you can grab your coffee and sip it guilt free.  

Using your own coffee cup means you have created zero waste, avoided using the plastic-lined cup accompanied by the plastic lid and reduced your environmental footprint. That’s a triple-whammy if you ask us! We have reusable coffee cups for everyone – the glass Joco Cup for the extra careful, the Stainless Steel Tumbler for the not-so careful and the Huskee cup for the super stylish! 

Eco Farmer’s Market Starter Pack 

Make your plastic free shopping feel like a breeze with this starter pack. From the farmer’s market to the grocery store, this Eco Farmer’s Market Starter Pack has you covered! Includes our Eco Warrior Organic Cotton Netted Tote Bag, Food Bag, Organic Produce Bags and a Bamboo Straw. You can be sure that these products are 100% plastic free and will enhance your environmentally friendly shopping experience – you’ll never look back! 

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