It’s that time of the year again… It’s Halloween! Halloween is a sweet treat for many, but it isn’t so sweet for the Earth. Think about it… How many decorative items can you think of that are made from plastic? How many sweet treats come wrapped in plastic? Don’t worry. It’s easy to swap your current Halloween habits for more sustainable practices. Here are a few steps you can take to have a more eco-friendly Halloween! 

Get creative with your baskets and buckets! 

You might be able to purchase bags, baskets and buckets from the shops so that you have something to hold your sweet treats in. But, what are you going to do with them once trick-or-treating is over? Sure, they can be kept for next year but you’re still purchasing plastic items. We recommend getting creative this year! Do you have pillowcases that are not in use? Perhaps, reusable produce bags that you normally use for grocery shopping? We think they make great bags to hold your sweet treats! 

Travelling to a Halloween party? Carpool or walk! 

Will you be celebrating Halloween with a party with friends? Try carpooling with your friends or walking if the party if within walking distance! Both options will help reduce your carbon footprint as it will reduce traffic and pollution. Plus, what’s better than walking into a party side-by-side with your friends?! 

DIY Halloween decorations 

A lot of festive decorations are made from plastic. But, we’re trying to avoid plastic like it’s a plague, so why not DIY? Cardboard boxes are great for creating cut-outs or using as make shift tombstone. Have you got old sheets? Drape them over basketballs or round objects – they’ll make great ghosts! DIY Halloween decorations can be as simple or as complicated as you’d like! 

Make your own sweet treats instead of buying plastic wrapped ones 

Trick or treating can lure the young and the old, however, a lot of these treats come wrapped in plastic. So, why not make your own? Bake some sweet treats and cover using biodegradable wrap or compostable paper bags. It’s a treat for everybody! 

Get creative with your costumes or buy second hand! 

Many Halloween-goers do this already but always try to explore costume options or materials at your local thrift shop before purchasing a brand new costume! Not only might there be specials around this time of the year but you’ll be sure to find something that you can customise to your liking or maybe you’ll find the perfect outfit! 


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