Single-use plastics are infiltrating our lives… and some of us don’t even know it! Sure, plastic is fantastic for so many things, but a little (bit of plastic) goes a long way. Oftentimes, choosing to be plastic free means you’ll be choosing the least convenient choice. But over time, these decisions will naturally become a habit! The question is: How have we managed to accumulate so much plastic? Because we aimlessly picked some up when we were out and about! Here are some ways to avoid single-use plastic every day. 

Bring reusable shopping bags 

Bring your own reusable shopping bags so that you can avoid giving in to single-use plastic bags. If you think you’re likely to forget, create a fail-safe plan such as leaving some in your bag, office drawer, car, or wherever you think they’ll come to the rescue. That way, when you decide to go to the supermarket, they’re always within arms reach! 

Bring your reusable coffee cup! 

When you leave the house, don’t forget your reusable coffee cup! You never know when the “I need a coffee” feeling will hit you or when the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans will draw you into the nearest coffee shop. There are so many reusable coffee cup options out there – glassstainless steel or a cup made from coffee husks! 

Pack a reusable food container 

Save the environment one container at a time by bringing your own food container when you’re out and about. You might have done future you a favour by meal prepping on the weekend which means you’ll save money (and plastic!) by eating your own creations, or maybe you’re out for lunch/dinner but can’t finish your meal, or perhaps you’re planning on getting takeout. One way or another, your food container from home will save you from bringing pesky plastics home. The Stainless Steel Bento Box is our favourite when it comes to sturdiness, versatility and reusability! And having a 2-tiered container means you can separate your foods – no one likes combining two different flavours into one! 

Say no to plastic straws 

When ordering a drink, say no to plastic straws (of course, unless you need it). Even better if you have your own reusable straw to enhance your drinking experience. Whether it’s a stainless steel strawglass straw or bamboo straw, you’ll know that you’ve taken that extra step to avoid plastic and reduced yours (and the café/restaurant’s) waste! 

Take reusable cutlery with you 

Packing reusable cutlery with you when you leave the house is so underrated! Why? Because you never know when you’ll feel hungry when you’re walking down the street or when you’ll catch a whiff of hot soup on a cold winter’s day. But, if you have reusable cutlery handy in your bag, you’ll never need to feel guilty again for using single-use plastic cutlery… because you’ll never need it! 

Shop at bulk food store 

Bulk food stores may not always be accessible to some, but if there’s one in your community, shop nowhere else but there! Bulk food stores provide a fool-proof way of keeping plastic outside of your home. Bring your own reusable shopping bagsorganic produce bags, jars, containers and even paper bags – you’ll realise how much difference one simple change will make to your life! 

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