The fashion industry has a huge impact on the environment, and I have had so many requests from you wondering how you can dress sustainably or pick sustainable clothing. We have been working behind the scenes to create something that will help you with this important and sometimes tricky task. Announcements are coming soon but, in the meantime, our blog this week is all about things to think about and tips on how to shop sustainably for fashion. 

Secondhand Shopping 

By buying second-hand, you are reducing waste and preventing clothes from ending up in landfills. You not only get to shop for amazing pieces and unique vintage collections, but you get to shop for them at affordable rates. Saves money big time! Find secondhand clothes by checking out Facebook Marketplace, Depop, thrift shops and your local markets.

    why you should thrift

    The material/fabric  

    When shopping, it is very important to look out for the fabric. Say yes to fabrics and materials that will return to the earth when it is time like linen, bamboo, organic cotton, and hemp. These materials are natural, organically made and breakdown in the environment overtime. Avoid fabrics like polyester and nylon because they are non-biodegradable, petroleum based and contain plastics which is a no for the environment. 

    Buy less 

    A lot of resources have been utilized in producing our clothing. Production also leads to all forms of environmental pollution. This is why buying more is not a good choice for the environment. The most sustainable piece of clothing is the one you already have. Before you buy, you need to also have a quick but really deep thinking about what you are buying. Ask yourself if you really need it and how long you will wear/ use. Works like magic. 


    Mending all the torn patches and worn-out areas in your clothes is another sustainable fashion tip. You can get a little sewing machine and go all DIY on those clothes or take them to your local tailor. They become brand new in a twinkle of an eye. Doing this is a great hack to help you buy less, which is a win for the environment. 

    Clothes swap 

    Clothes you no longer wear, and need can be swapped among your friends and family, and even extended to neighborhoods and communities. By swapping clothes, you give them another shot and prolong their usage rather than throwing them out. Perks of this are that you get to have a whole new wardrobe at little cost to your pocket and the earth. Check out Facebook Groups, Eventbrite and Meet Up to see if there are any local clothes swap groups in your area. 

    Buying from sustainable brands 

    Sustainable fashion brands understand the impact of fashion on the environment and work towards environmental sustainability in the fashion industry. Everything from their production methods, fabric type and even packaging is carefully considered around its sustainability. Stay tuned as we have some exciting news about this soon!

    fashion sustainable terms


    If you have some big or special event coming up, you can opt for renting. This comes in handy especially when you won’t frequently wear such clothes, or you do not intend to keep them for a long period of time. You can even get your friends and family to lend you that cute piece they have and even rent out yours.  

    With these seven tips, now you can work your way to shopping for fashion sustainably. Put these tips to good use and let us do fashion in a way that does not harm the environment. Which sustainable fashion tip will you try out first? 

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