Finding eco-friendly Christmas gifts under $30 can be difficult, but we have just made it easy! 

Bamboo Cutlery Set with Chopsticks – $14.99  

Want to give someone the gift of ease on-the-go? Give them the gift of a Bamboo Cutlery Set with Chopsticks. This set can be taken anywhere and comes with its own small pocket to carry the utensils, so they don’t get dirty or dirty anything else once used! This set, in particular, comes with a bamboo fork, knife, spoon and of course, chopsticks.  

The Physic Garden Relax Bath Soak – $16.99 

Give someone the gift of relaxation this Christmas with The Physic Garden’s Relax Bath Soak. This bottle is not only filled with Epsom salts and the scents of rose, passionflower and geranium… but the bottle itself is glass, making it easy to recreate the bath soak again and again with your own ingredients! 

Straight Glass Straws – $18.99  

Know someone who lives for the aesthetic look of glass straws? Why not buy a pack of them? This Glass Straw pack comes in a pack of four and each one looks great in a smoothie or cold drink – Now aesthetic AND eco-friendly Instagram posts will are easy to achieve! 

Eco Basics Starter Pack – $19.99  

The Eco Basics Starter Pack is great for those who are beginning to live a more sustainable lifestyle or for those who want a pack for on-the-go. At only $19.99, this pack comes with an Eco Warrior Organic Tote Bag, Bamboo Toothbrush, and a Stainless Steel Straw with Sisal Cleaning Brush. Each product is an easy swap for unnecessary plastic items found in the home.  

Joco Reusable Glass Cup Regular – $29.99 

The Joco Reusable Glass Cup can be used for anything; from water to coffee to tea and more. The medical grade silicone sleeve around the midsection is great for preventing your fingertips from burning whilst the silicone lid has been specifically designed to prevent splashback and nose-to-cup collisions. It’s a simple and easy gift for anyone who likes to make coffee and tea at home or likes to take their drinks on the go!  

Want more?  

If these ideas don’t quite suit the person you’re looking for, be sure to check out our Under $30 page and Kris Kringle page for more ideas! 

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    Biodegradable Dental Floss in Bamboo Case – 50m

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