It’s that time of year again! The time where kids head back to school and parents re-start at work! Now, eco-friendly school and office supplies are not hard to come by but first, check to see what you already have! Just because it’s on the list should not mean you need a shiny, new replacement. It is always better to reuse what you already have rather than buying something new.

Stainless Steel Bento Box

The aim of the eco-friendly lifestyle is to find reusables that will last for years and years. Reusable products help minimise plastic waste! Invest in a sturdy Stainless Steel Lunch Box instead of one made from plastic or vinyl. This ensures that the lunchbox will last years on end, even with all that tossing around in the school bag or hand bag!

makeup pads

Sustainable Food Wraps

There is an overabundance of food and food packaging waste every year. Packing your and your child’s lunchbox means that you can help control your household’s environmental footprint. Homemade lunches and snacks can vastly reduce the amount of food packaging waste normally found in supermarket- or cafeteria-bought options. When wrapping food, remember to choose sustainable options – Vegan Wax Wraps and even organic cotton Food Pouches!

Georganics Natural Floss – Spearmint (30m)

Bamboo Adhesive Bandages

How many times have you picked your mini-me up from school, only to see that they’ve got a gash on the knees or elbows? Or perhaps you’re prone to paper cuts? Regular plastic bandages are stiff and have the tendency to peel off which means you’ll be creating more waste before you know it! With Bamboo Adhesive Bandages crafted with 100% organic bamboo fiber, you can trust that these bandages easily contour to the skin to provide maximum comfort and protection. By contouring to the curves of the skin, this reduces the likelihood of peeling off and consequently, reduces your waste! They’re also perfect for those with sensitive skin as they’re free from latex, irritating chemicals and are hypoallergenic pressure sensitive.

botanical wreath

Bamboo Hairbrush

Why choose Bamboo Hairbrushes over plastic? Bamboo is a super sustainable resource and has minimal impact on the environment. It’s also naturally degradable when composted – plastic takes YEARS to break down. We don’t know what kids get up to in their sleep, but when they wake up with their hair tangled in one big knot, we know they’ve had a good sleep and that you need a tool to brush those tangles out! The bamboo in hairbrushes causes less friction and consequently, less damage to your hair. Come to think of it, how static do plastic brushes make your hair!!!

Organic Cotton Netted Tote Bag

Vegan Wax Wraps

These Vegan Wax Wraps are made from organic cotton, Candelilla wax, non-GMO soy wax, damar tree resin and jojoba oil. If you pack snacks for yourself so you’re not starving throughout your working day, Wax Wraps are the perfect alternative to plastic cling wrap and zip-lock bags as they’re completely reusable and washable. Perhaps you do the same for your child/ren while they’re at school? Our Vegan Wax Wraps come in a variety of colours and patterns

Organic Cotton Netted Tote Bag

Reusable & Plastic Free Water Bottle

It’s estimated that 370 million bottles go to waste every year. Plastic bottles contribute to an enormous amount of waste ending up in landfill which can take up to 1000 years to break down – that really pains us to think about! Invest in reusable water bottle made of sustainable and recyclable materials. The JOCO Drinking Flask is made from durable borosilicate glass featuring a non-slip, silicone sleeve for a refined drinking experience. Easy to clean, dishwasher safe, minimalist design and comes with a naturally antibacterial olive wood lid. We couldn’t think of a better earth-friendly and reusable water bottle alternative.

menstrual cup

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