Are you aware that sustainable switches can help you save money? We know the price tag of sustainable items can be overwhelming, and therefore, can seem expensive to live a sustainable lifestyle. But, we promise the savings – once we break it down for you – will amaze you and will be well worth the simple switch! 

Forget chemical-filled laundry detergents, choose Soapberries! 

Do you use laundry detergents? We get it, they make your laundry smell as fresh as daises, but what you don’t notice are the harmful chemicals which can lead to not only negative effects on the environment, but also negative effects on our health. Organic Soapberries are the perfect alternative to mainstream laundry detergents. They are naturally antibacterial, antifungal and hypoallergenic which makes them suitable for those with the most sensitive of skin. 

So, how will you save? A 250g bag of Soapberries costs $15. The way Soapberries work is that 4-5 berries are placed in a wash bag before it is added to the laundry load. After the load has been washed, the soapberries can be re-used again for ~5 times until they become soft and brittle. This means one bag will give you 90+ washes! On the other hand, the average 1.8L of laundry liquid detergent costs $15 – the same price. If you’re using 50mL of detergent for every wash, then 1.8L will give you 36 washes.



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    Make plastic zip-lock bags a thing of the past and choose Organic Cotton Food Bags! 

    Zip-lock bags are handy because they keep your snacks secure in a bag. Unfortunately, they aren’t so great for the environment as they’re single-use and plastic does not break down easily! What if we told you that there’s a reusable option to plastic zip-lock bags? Cotton Food Bags were specifically designed to replace zip-lock bags. They’re handmade from organic cotton, feature a food-derived inner lining to keep your snacks fresher for longer and have a handy zip closure to keep your loose snacks secure. 

    So, how will you save? A pack of 50 zip-lock bags costs $1.50. Let’s say you go through 5 bags a week to carry your snacks. Every 10 weeks, you’ll be required to purchase another pack. In 3 years, you will have purchased 15 packs of zip-lock bags costing you a total of $22.50. On the other hand, a Food Bag costs $13. As the Food Bag is washable and reusable, in 3 years, you would have only spent the same $13. 

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    Looking for a cling wrap alternative? Choose Organic Cotton Food Covers! 

    Are you still using cling wrap to wrap your leftover food? Will you be purchasing another roll when you run out? Or, are you looking for an eco-friendly alternative? Organic Cotton Food Covers are just that and are perfect for covering plates, bowls and even round fruits/vegetables! Featuring a food-derived inner lining and elasticated sides to fit over different sized dishes, this ensures that they can be washed and re-used, and the elasticated sides gives them many uses in the kitchen. 

    So, how will you save? The 4myearth Food Cover is $14 and can be re-used over and over. If properly taken care of, it can last for several years without needing to be replaced. This means that for as long as you have a Food Cover, you will only spend $14! With a 300-meter roll of cling wrap, this alone, already costs ~$14. Now, we all use cling wrap at different rates but it’s not difficult to work out that in the long run, you would be spending more on repurchasing cling wrap than if you had a Food Cover. 


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    Forget plastic shopping bags, start your collection of Reusable Shopping Bags!

    Are you the one that goes grocery shopping for your household? How many plastic shopping bags do you find yourself coming home with every time you’ve finished your shop? Before you know it, you’ll have a cupboard full of bags, if not plastic bags filled with even more plastic bags. Reusable Shopping Bags are great as they help keep your waste AND consumption down. These Organic Cotton Tote Bags are strong, lightweight and compact, and can stretch and expand to fit items of all odd shapes and sizes.

    So, how will you save? You’ll be saving the environment by saying ‘no’ to plastic bags! This means that the number of plastic bags entering landfill or the ocean will be reduced, and you will be setting a great example for those around you. Might we add that your house will be less cluttered with plastic bags too!


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    Forget buying disinfectants and cleaning sprays, make your own!

    What do you use to clean around the house? Regular household cleaners contain a plethora of chemicals. Once these chemicals go down the drain and enter our waterways, they can get washed into rivers, lakes or oceans and can harm the health the humans, animals and aquatic plants. Have you thought about making your own cleaning solutions? It’s easy – you may already have some ingredients in your pantry! Here are some DIY cleaners you can make:

    For an All-Purpose Cleaner, combine one part white vinegar, one part water, a lemon rind and rosemary sprigs. Pour into a Spray Bottle, shake and let infuse for one week before using.

    For a Sweet Lavender Air Freshener, combine ¾ cup water, 2tbsp vanilla extract, 10 drops Lavender EO and 5 drops of Chamomile EO in a Spray Bottle. Spritz the bedroom before heading to bed for a good night’s sleep!

    So, how will you save? Once again, you’ll be saving the environment by reducing the amount of chemicals entering our waterways. This means that you will be helping to preserve biodiversity, protect natural habitats and innocent animals will not have to endure the consequences of our actions.


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    Forget plastic straws, choose Stainless Steel Straws! 

    We all know that plastic straws are bad for the ocean. It’s estimated that MILLIONS of plastic straws end up in our oceans, polluting the water and killing marine life. So, why oh why haven’t we all made the switch to Reusable Straws yet?! There are plenty of Reusable Straw alternatives on the market today, including bamboo and glass. But, in this example, we’ll be breaking down the potential savings with a Stainless Steel Straw. 

    So, how much will you save? A Stainless Steel Straw (which will last forever if properly taken care of) costs $3. Let’s say you use two straws and swap between both when one has been used. In 5 years, you’ll only spend $6 on straws. Whereas, if you continued using disposable plastic straws where 1 pack of 100 straws costs $4 which takes 1 year to consumer (~1 straw/3 times a week), in 5 years, you’ll spend $20 (don’t forget this number will continue to increase per year, whereas the cost of Stainless Steel Straws will stay the same)! 


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