Have you ever placed an order through The Eco Warrior, received your order and thought… ‘Wait a minute, did I order cereal? Or did I order a Bamboo Toothbrush, Bamboo Cotton Buds, Organic Produce Bags and Natural Toothpaste?’ You’re confused. Why did you receive a box of cereal? A tissue box? Heck. A hair straightener box? Surely you placed an order for the right products, at the right company, and the right parcel has been delivered! 

Allow us to explain ourselves… 

How we contribute to the circular economy… But first, what is the circular economy? 

The circular economy is a closed-loop system. The essence of a circular economy is being efficient by keeping products and materials in use for as long as possible to get the maximum value from them. It’s more sustainable and it has many benefits to our economy including reducing waste, driving greater resource productivity, and reducing environmental impacts by saving Earth’s natural resources. 

So how do we contribute? 

If you’ve shopped with us before, you would know that we reuse cardboard boxes and packaging materials sent to us by our suppliers. Heck, we even bring in boxes from home – that’s where the cereal boxes, tissue boxes and general lifestyle items (e.g. hair straightener boxes and tea boxes) come from. 

How do we pack your order? 

Firstly, when an we receive a new order, we pick out the items from your order. 

Then, we find a suitable sized box from our collection of recycled boxes. 

This is followed by playing a short game of Tetris with your items and the chosen box! 

We then find newspaper, old magazine paper or packing paper from our suppliers to fill the gaps in the box. (This is to prevent precious items from moving around and getting damaged during transport), then we securely tape up your box (turned parcel) and off it goes! 


When we say our mission is to be eco-friendly, we mean it! 


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