Bamboo is such a beautiful and versatile material, and cultivating it can be done quickly as they grow up to two inches an hour! Bamboo can be grown on less fertile lands where even trees can’t be grown. This amazing grassy material stands at the heart of the recent revolution in green products and has been helping in reducing the non-degradable content found in landfills and oceansHere are our favorite bamboo-based products! 

Bamboo Cutlery Set  

It might seem hassle free to use a singleuse plastic cutlery, but plastic utensils are not biodegradable and will stay in landfill for HUNDEREDS of years. In fact, they might end up polluting our beautiful beaches and shorelines. sustainable and biodegradable alternative to this is using Bamboo CutleryMade from natural bamboo, this makes them antimicrobial and antibacterial. It also comes with an organic cotton pouch so you can store a set in your car, bag or carry them enough hassle free!   

Bamboo Adhesive Bandages  

Regular plastic bandages are stiff and have the tendency to peel off which means you’ll be creating more waste before you know it! With Bamboo Adhesive Bandages crafted with 100% organic bamboo fiber, you can trust that these bandageeasily contour to the skin to provide maximum comfort and protection. By contouring to the curves of the skin, this reduces the likelihood of peeling off and consequently, reduces your waste!  They’re also perfect for those with sensitive skin as they’re free from latex, irritating chemicals and are hypoallergenic pressure sensitiveDid we mention these bandages are biodegradable?! 

Bamboo Veggie Brush 

Clean your fruits and veggies whilst keeping all its nutrients intact with a Bamboo Veggie Brush! Designed to remove lingering dirt, bacteria and pesticides from the surfaces of fruits and vegetables. Use to scrub apples, cucumbers, eggplants, carrots, potatoes and more – there is so much goodness in the skin of these foods  

Bamboo Facial Pads 

If you use cotton facial pads to wipe your make-up off 5 days a week that’s 260 facial pads tossed in the bin per year! Not to mention, the additional facial pads used for facial cleansing or toner and the plastic packaging they come in! Bamboo Facial Pads are your best bet when it comes to a reusable and sustainable alternative. It features a soft velour side for sensitive/soft skin, and a terrycloth side for a gentle exfoliation. When you’ve finished using a facial pad, simply give it a rinse and hang to dry! Alternatively, pop your used facial pads in the cotton wash bag provided and throw it in with your next load of towels! 

Bamboo Cotton Buds 

Bamboo Cotton Buds are an absolutely must if you use cotton buds on the daily. Made from natural bamboo and organic cotton, you can be sure that these cotton buds WILL biodegrade within a matter of months, compared to their plastic counterparts! When you’ve finish using a bamboo cotton bud, simply pop it in your compost. No more worrying if your cotton bud is floating in the ocean! 

Bamboo Hairbrushes 

We’ve mentioned that bamboo is a super versatile materialSo much so that it can be used to make hairbrushes! The bamboo in hairbrushes causes less friction and consequently, less damage to your hair. Come to think of it, how static do plastic brushes make your hair!!! These Bamboo Hairbrushes also feature bamboo pins which have been expertly designed to glide through all hair types seamlesslySo, start brushing your hair with one of nature’s best materials!  

Bamboo Clothes Pegs 

Bamboo Clothes Pegs are not the kind of pegs that will go brittle and break into small pieces when left under sunlight. These Bamboo Clothes Pegs are made from sustainable and biodegradable bamboo with a recyclable steel spring. They are also durable, strong, anti-bacterial and resilient under outdoor UV conditions. You can trust that your freshly laundered clothes will not be stained by these pegs as bamboo contains very little tannins (compared to wooden pegs) and will not rust if properly taken care of! 


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