Some people think that the plastic free lifestyle entails completely cutting out plastic and never setting sight on plastic again. But, in the world we live in today, there’s no such thing as 100% plastic free living! The whole point of a plastic free lifestyle is to avoid introducing more plastic into your life by finding alternatives or by having sustainable options available. This means reusing, recycling, upcycling and composting as much as possible, and reducing your consumption of single-use disposable items. To help you get started, we have made a list of commonly used items (made from plastic!) that you need to stop buying right now and their sustainable alternatives. 

Stop Buying Plastic Toothbrushes 

Used at least twice a day, it’s an item we have been using since we were yay tall and the first plastic item we might have been introduced to. It’s the toothbrush. Did you know that your first toothbrush ever used and disposed of still exists in some form today? Plastic can take thousands of years to break down and not only that, the breakdown of plastic involves releasing toxic chemicals into the air. Stop buying plastic toothbrushes and start buying toothbrushes made from natural materials that can be composted. Bamboo Toothbrushes are perfect alternative to brushing your teeth and reducing your carbon footprint. The handle is 100% biodegradable so simply snap the toothbrush head off or remove the bristles with pliers and add the handle to your compost! 

Bamboo Toothbrush (Adult)


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Stop Buying Plastic-Packaged Facial Rounds 

Facial rounds come packaged in plastic – our worst enemy! Stop buying plastic-packaged facial rounds and make the switch to Reusable Bamboo Facial Pads. Yes, you read right… they’re reusable! If this isn’t one of the best plastic swaps, we don’t know what is! Featuring a soft velour side for sensitive skin or eye make-up removal and a terrycloth side for gentle exfoliation, it’s the best of both worlds. Better yet, these Bamboo Facial Pads also come with a cotton wash bag so you can pop them in the washing machine when they’re needing a little wash! 

facial pads


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Stop Buying Pre-Packaged, Disposable Coffee Pods 

Did you know that Australia alone is estimated to dispose of around 6 million coffee capsules every day? That’s over 2 billion coffee pods added to landfill each year! If you have a Nespresso machine at home and are looking for an eco-friendly alternative to making coffees every morning, then look no further! Stop buying pre-packaged, disposable capsules and help reduce the number of disposable coffee capsules finding their way to landfill. Reusable Coffee Pods are designed to last a lifetime and can be used with freshly ground coffee beans or loose-leaf tea. Simple fill, tamp, seal, enjoy and repeat!

reusable coffee pods


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Stop Buying Disposable Razors 

Plastic razors are old news. And replacing razors with a new head every couple of months is expensive and tedious. Stop buying plastic razors and plastic razor heads and invest in a Safety Razor. Designed to last a lifetime and provide a gentle but precise shave, this Safety Razor is your best bet to reducing your plastic consumption and landfill waste. Each razor comes with 5 Replacement Blades which are completely recyclable so you can enjoy a guilt-free shave!

Stop Buying Plastic-Packaged Pads & Tampons 

Are you still using plastic-packaged pads and tampons? There are sustainable alternatives for those! Our go to menstrual product is the menstrual cup – a game changer when it comes to your period. The Hello Cup is reusable, hygienic, environmentally friendlycost-effective and will last you years, unlike single-use pads and tampons. Enjoy an odourless, fuss-free and eco-friendly period. No more rushing into the bathroom every 3 hours, the Hello Cup lasts up to 12 hours a day! 

Another alternative is Underwear Period! Tom Organic underwear period is made from breathable organic cotton, absorb up to three regular tampons’ worth of fluid, Full leakproof coverage for day or night, super soft elastic mid-rise waistband for ultimate comfort, washing machine friendly! Tom Organic underwear period Now available on our website! 

Stop Buying Bottled Soaps 

No matter how tempting nicely packaged or nicely smelling body soaps, shampoos or hand washes may be, they are still extremely wasteful and harmful to our planet! Stop buying bottled soaps and start buying minimally packaged or unpackaged bar soaps! Bar soaps are just as effective in cleansing the skin, removing dirt and ridding bacteria as any bottled soap. From facial cleansers to shaving soap, these concentrated blocks of goodness will not only help you reduce your plastic waste, but will last longer, save you money and look better in your bathroom!

australian pink clay


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