Rose Gold Safety Razor with Replacement Blades

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Say goodbye to plastic waste and expensive blade refills! And hello to our simple and sleek solution for plastic-free, low-waste shaving. Enjoy a close, gentle shave without contributing to landfill while the luxe rose gold finish will also look pretty chic in your bathroom if we do say so ourselves!

  • Includes 5 replacement blades
  • Razor head features a 3-piece opening
  • Reusable, plastic-free safety razor
  • Made from ultra-durable brass alloy, electroplated with a rose gold finish
  • No plastic parts or packaging

Use Instructions:

  • Shave in short, gentle strokes without applying pressure. The weight of the razor is enough to provide a super close shave
  • Use with shaving cream, gel or a shave bar to help the razor glide
  • Take it slowly while getting used to this new way of shaving. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll never go back!
  • The blade is double-sided, so you should expect to get around 6-7 shaves per side. Once blunt, replace the blade. Store used blades in a jar or container. Once filled, seal container and contact your local council for the location of your nearest recycling facility
  • Store razor outside of the shower and allow to dry between uses

Changing the blade:

  • Twist the handle anti-clockwise until the razor head opens
  • Carefully remove the blunt blade
  • Unwrap a new blade and place onto the head

Brass alloy.

How you will save:

Plastic razors are designed to last anywhere between 5-10 shaves which cost approximately $5 for one. Let’s say you shave once a week which means one razor will last you ~2 months. In one year, you’ll need six razors which gives you a total spend of $30. In six years, this will cost you $180! 

On the other hand, one Safety Razor ($34) will last a lifetime(!). The only expense there is are the Double-Edge Replacement Blades at $2 for a pack of 5. If one blade has a useful life of 16 shaves (8 shaves per side), you will only need to change the blade every 4 months! With a pack of 5 replacement blades, this will last you 1.5 years! In six years, you’re looking at spending only $8! 

Curious on how to use a Safety Razor? Read all about it here: https://theecowarrior.eco/how-to-use-a-double-edged-safety-razor/


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11 reviews for Rose Gold Safety Razor with Replacement Blades

  1. Maggie (verified owner)

    Great product! Definitely takes a little longer but it’s not hard at all, I didn’t cut myself once even around knees and ankles. This company really thinks about their impact using carbon natural delivery and recycled delivery packaging from the home! I was really impressed by this. I also found this to be one of the cheapest razors on the market with great quality.

  2. Chiara (verified owner)

    Love it!

  3. Maeve (verified owner)

    The best racer I’ve ever used! it’s such a clean close shave and my legs feel like a baby’s bum

  4. Cassandra (verified owner)

    Easy, smooth, and REALLY close shave. I use it every two days and have told my friends about it 😀 they’ll be getting themselves some.

  5. Marika (verified owner)

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very good. Easy to change blades. Be careful not to cut yourself when using with fresh blades

  7. Julie A. (verified owner)

    My sister loved her shaver.

  8. Emma B. (verified owner)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! Highly recommend best razor I’ve ever bought so much better than I thought it might be

  9. Meaghan (verified owner)

    Such a good purchase especially if you have sensitive skin or get razor burn !

  10. Nikki (verified owner)

  11. Quinne C (verified owner)

    I don’t shave very often, so usually when I do I blow through an entire razor head or more. I hadn’t shaved in over 2 months when I first used this razor. First, it was enjoyable. Second, I did not cut myself at all (when I shave I always expect to get a few cuts because I go so long in between). Third, when it got a little clogged with hair I simply opened it up and rinsed everything off and it was a clean blade again. Lastly, it was a very clean and close shave that feels good and lasts a long time.
    The ease of this razor made space for me to enjoy shaving and have an intimate time doing an activity that is usually a burden.
    When I received my razor, all of the packaging was biodegradable! I am in mid USA and my order came in a very reasonable amount of time!

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