If you prefer a close, non-irritating and plastic free shave, then you might be interested in our Double-Edged Safety Razor! For those new to wet shaving, a double-edged safety razor uses a single blade with two cutting edges that are guided against the skin with the razor’s head. Our Safety Razors are made from brass alloy and feature a 3-piece opening which means a blade is wedged between the razor head’s top plate and its base, and then fastened by tightening the handle. Interested in making the switch from a plastic razor to a plastic free razor? Read on! 


The truth is… all that you need to get a close and precise shave is a single, sharp piece of steel. One of the greatest benefits with a Safety Razor is just how close of a shave it gives, and with a bit of patience and good quality Shaving Soap, you could eliminate razor burns, skin irritation and ingrown hairs all at once! Not only this, you will reduce your plastic waste (and consequently reduce landfill waste), and save money in the long term as the razor is designed to last a lifetime and replacement blades will only set you back a few cents per piece! 

How to Use: 

  1. Twist handle anticlockwise until razor head opens 
  2. Unwrap new blade and insert onto razor head 
  3. Twist the handle clockwise to secure and tighten 
  4. Prepare the skin as usual with Shaving Soap 
  5. Store razor outside of shower between uses 
  6. Collect used razors in a jar for disposal 

About Our Stainless Steel Blades

Our Stainless Steel Blades come individually wrapped in paper, and each Safety Razor comes with 5 Replacement Blades. These blades are rust-resistant and feature a platinum coating for enhanced coating. They are also available to purchase individually (as a Pack of 5)! 

How to Dispose of the Blades? 

It’s easy to take care and dispose of used safety razor blades. Firstly, each side of the blade should last 5-6 shaves, and when they become blunt, collect the blades in a metal container to glass jar. Once it’s filled, contact your local council for the location of your nearest stainless steel recycling facility. Note: It is important not to dispose of your used blades in your regular bathroom bin as they are small, sharp and can cause harm to others. 

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