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1. The Chilean government has made the environmentally conscious decision to reject a $2.5bn iron and copper mine that was planned near a penguin reserve, protecting the species and its habitat!

In a victory for conservationists, Chile’s government has rejected a proposed $2.5bn iron and copper mining project in a region renowned for its biodiversity and marine life. The project would have had a devastating impact on the local environment, including a nearby penguin reserve. This decision is a reminder that we can make a positive difference to the planet if we work together. 

2. There is renewed hope for the critically endangered chimpanzee species as a new baby is welcomed at Chester Zoo!

The birth of the critically endangered Western chimpanzee at the Chester Zoo is a cause for celebration! This new arrival offers a glimmer of hope that with concerted conservation efforts, we can ensure a future for this species. Thanks to the dedicated work of experts in Uganda, Nigeria and Gabon, there is a chance to protect these gentle creatures and their homes in the wild. If the world comes together to support their cause, then this new baby chimpanzee’s generation may yet have a chance to thrive. 

3. JFK Airport’s new Terminal One is now powered by solar energy, helping to reduce its carbon footprint and create a brighter future for the planet!

The John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City has recently installed a solar grid system that will drastically reduce emissions and help fight climate change! The innovative technology will help to power the airport’s terminal, making it more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. This is an exciting new step towards a more sustainable future! 

4. Edinburgh is leading the way in championing the Plant Based Treaty, becoming the first European capital to endorse it!

Edinburgh is setting a powerful example for other cities in Europe and beyond to follow by becoming the first capital to endorse the Plant Based Treaty. This is an important step forward in the fight against climate change, as it will help reduce food-related emissions from animal agriculture and deforestation. With 20 local governments already signed up, Edinburgh’s commitment to this cause is an important step in making a sustainable future a reality.

Let’s all enjoy the good news and the positive impacts of a greener world!

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