Many people buy plastic water bottles when they’re out and about, only to discard them after one use! It’s no wonder plastic bottles are considered as one of the Big 4 plastic polluters – roughly 9.2 billion TONS of plastic flowinto our oceans each year! It’s easy to avoid buying plastic water bottles. Most of the time, all it requires is making the initial investment in a reusable drinking bottle… and you’re good to go! Here are some plastic free reusable drink bottles and cleaning accessories you could use to avoid plastic water bottles for good! 

Joco Drinking Flask 

Ahh, when sustainability meets class! Made from durable borosilicate glass featuring a non-slip velvet touch sleeve, you can be sure that you’ll cut down your plastic waste tenfold! Even the packaging is plastic free! This Drinking Flask is also equipped with a wide-mouth design and steady flow function, and the velvet sleeve speaks for itself in giving you a smooth drinking experience. 

EverEco Tumbler 

The perfect alternative to plastic bottles and breakable glass (if you’re the clumsy kind!). Sip your hot or cold beverage on-the-go with ease. The double wall vacuum insulation can keep your water, tea, coffee and juice even(!) cold for 8 hours or warm for 4 hours. And, rest assured knowing that this Tumbler is sweatproof and heatproof so no more wet hands or burning hands after taking a sip! 

Huskee + Joco Cup 

Perhaps you’re less of the reusable water bottle kind and more of the reusable cup kind? You love being prepared for the spontaneous coffee, we get it and we have you covered! The Huskee Cup is a great option is you’re after a cup that’s more lightweight and less likely to break. And, the JOCO Cup would be perfect for you if your sense of style speaks sophistication! Both options are great for holding water, just remember to keep them upright to prevent from them spilling water! 

Reusable Straws 

If you’re able-bodied, we might not always require a straw to sip on our beverages, BUT sometimes, it makes a difference for our drinking experience, say when we’re sipping on cocktails or boba teas! If you do choose to use a straw, make sure it’s reusable and environmentally friendly! Our favourite reusable straws are the ones made from Stainless SteelBamboo and Glass! 

Bottle Brush 

So, you’ve used your reusable water bottle, but what should you clean it with? Surely, your water bottle deserves more than partially filling it with water, giving it a shake, hoping that it’s clean inside and letting it air dry! We recommend using a Bottle Brush. Now, this isn’t just any bottle brush, it’s a bottle brush made from coconut husk (the outside of coconuts) which is a super durable material! This Bottle Brush makes sure that every nook and cranny of your bottle is clean and perfectly contours around all those edges! 

Dish & Laundry Soap 

So, we’ve told you what you could use to clean your reusable water bottle with. But, how about the soap to remove bacteria and germs? The ANSC Dish & Laundry Soap is the perfect alternative if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly soap. To use as a dish soap, grate down and add approximately 1 tbsp to hot water⁠, stir vigorously to dissolve and create bubbles, then wash and rinse dishes as you would with any other dishwashing liquid⁠ (You can also apply directly onto your dishes!)⁠. What’s more is that this soap also doubles as a laundry detergent – how good’s that?! 

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