Did you know that over the course of a lifetime, the average menstruater uses 5-15 *thousand* pads and tampons… most of which end up in landfill? Having a period every month doesn’t have to be wasteful. There are plenty of eco-friendly period products out there. Let’s discuss! 

The Reality About Plastic Pads & Tampons 

The reality is that pads are TERRIBLE plastic offenders. At the base of regular pads, they have a layer of plastic to help the pads stay leak-proof, they contain synthetics to help with absorbing menstrual waste, (i.e. period blood), they come in plastic packaging, and lastly, we’re pretty sure the adhesive on the back of pads aren’t too earth-friendly! Moving over to tampons, tampons come wrapped in plastic, they contain a thin layer of plastic to help with absorbency and sometimes come with plastic applicators. That’s a whole lot of plastic for something that only gets used for a maximum of 4 fours! So, what could you use instead? 

Reusable Liners 

You might be on day 1 of your period or perhaps your period is nearing the end of its cycle and your flow is relatively light. In these instances, reusable liners would be perfect to replace regular liners/pads! The Hello Reusable Liners are made from 100% organic Indian cotton and bamboo fleece. They can hold two tablespoons of fluid and do not contain adhesives like single-use pads do! These Reusable Liners have two fastening domes on the wings, can be folded into a neat square when not in use, and can be washed to be reused over and over! 

The Hello Cup – Hello Liners Reusable Liners 3 Pack


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The Hello Menstrual Cup 

Menstrual cups are a complete game changer when it comes to your period and they’re pretty easy to use! The Hello Cup is made from medical-grade TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), is hypoallergenic, silicone free and BPA free. You can leave The Hello Cup in for up to 12 hours (a big upgrade from 4 hours!) as they can hold three times more than tampons! When it’s time to take the cup out, simply reach for the toggle, pull, empty its contents, give it a wash and re-insert!  

P.S. Remember to sterilise your Hello Cup after each cycle by using a sterilisation tablet or giving it a boil over hot water. 

hello menstrual cup

Lunette Menstrual Cup 

The Lunette Menstrual Cup is another period cup on the market and offers an ecological and economical way of dealing with your period. These period cups are made from soft, medical-grade silicone and are BPA free and chemical free. They’re super easy to keep cleancan last several years without needing to be replaced and gives you an odourless period for up to 12 hours! 


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Natural Bamboo Pads 

If you haven’t quite wrapped your head around using Reusable Liners/Pads, the best option might be to make the switch to plastic free and sustainable pads. TSUNO Pads are made from natural bamboo, have a super absorbent inner, and are breathable to keep you comfortable all day. They’re environmentally friendly being chlorine and dioxin bleach free, and FUN FACT: the artwork on the packaging was designed by an Australian artist! 


Period Undies  

Period undies are menstrual panties made with a blend of fabrics designed to pull fluids away from the body, and trap the fluids inside the underwear so that they don’t leak out. They work by offering a leak-proof and reusable alternative to sanitary pads, but without the visible bulk that some might experience! They come in a variety of options, stylesabsorbencies and are often available in 100% cotton (aside from the small amount of elastic). 

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