We all know that plastic is bad – but what if we told you that plastic can be found in more everyday items than you think? Hidden plastics are not immediately visible and are often difficult to spot, but trust us, they are definitely there. We’ve compiled a list of some of the worst offenders and their plastic free alternatives so you can take that extra step to living a plastic free life! 

Chewing Gum 

Do you know how chewing gum is made? Regular chewing gum is made from plastic. More specifically, polyethyleneIt’s good for keeping our breath minty fresh, but while you’re gnashing away, you’re basically chewing on elastomers, colourings and chemicals. BUT WAIT! Not all gums are plastic based! Some are made naturally from a raw material – tree sap!  

Georganics’ Chewing Gum is made from Chicle and Arabic gum from the Sapodilla and Acacia trees. How to dispose once you’ve finished chewing? Add it to your compost – it’s made from all natural and organic ingredients! 

Georganics Natural Chewing Gum - Peppermint (30 pcs)


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Tea Bags 

Here’s the harsh truth: Many tea bag brands use polypropylene, a sealing plastic, to keep their tea bags from falling apart during the brewing process. The sad truth: This plastic is not recyclable OR biodegradable. So, how can you continue to drink your tea sustainably?! We recommend making the switch to Loose Leaf Tea. Kintra’s Loose Leaf Teas are beautifully crafted from 100% natural ingredients, are perfect for brewing your own customised cup of tea and come in a reusable glass jar. 

kintra loose tea


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Take-Away Coffee Cups 

For some, coffee has become ingrained into our everyday life, so much so that BILLIONS of disposable cups are used and thrown away every year. Paper coffee cups are coated with a plastic lining that makes them waterproof and able to hold your liquids. Because of this, it makes them non-recyclable. Invest in a Reusable Coffee Cup. They’ll help reduce your waste, keep your coffee hotter for longer and will last longer than a disposable cup. 

joco cup

Kitchen Sponge 

The truth is, most kitchen sponges are made from polyester or nylon – plastic. And, these materials are neither recyclable or biodegradable as they’re made from non-renewable materials (e.g. oil and gas). If that’s not bad enough, they can also sit in landfill for HUNDREDS of years and significantly increase your carbon footprint. What could you use instead? Cellulose Sponges! These sustainable sponges are made from natural fibers, are highly absorbent and can be safely returned to the Earth by simply adding them to your garden! 

Ever Eco Eco Sponge Cloths Palm Springs (2 pcs)


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Silicone Food Wraps 

Firstly, let us preface this by saying that we are not shunning silicone food wraps! Although silicone is considered a plastic, Silicone food wraps ARE sustainable. But, if your goal is to live a plastic free lifestyle, they might not cut it! So, what’s their plastic alternative? Organic Cotton Food Wraps! These Food Wraps are reusable, food grade safe and feature a food-derived inner coating to keep your food fresher for longer! 

4myearth bread bag


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Menstrual Products 

Let’s talk menstrual products. Tampons come wrapped in plastic. But, did you know that tampons include a thin layer of plastic to help hold blood AND the string is braided with plastic? Now, let’s move over to sanitary pads. Pads use even more plastic – from the synthetics that soak up fluid to the underside of the pad which holds everything togetherMake the switch to a Menstrual Cup and Reusable Liners! We know, we know. It takes a bit of time to wrap your head around using these products, but trust us, they’ll change your life once you get used to it! 

menstrual cup


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