“What eco-friendly gift should I get my eco-friendly friend/family?”  

 Does this question sound a little familiar? It’s that time of the year where we all start thinking about what to gift this Christmas. You don’t need to go all out and break the bank this year. Some of the best gifts are those that are sustainable! We have a perfect eco-gifts for all walks of life, including your furry friends! 

Under $10 

Natural Bar Soaps – from $7.95 

Does your friend or family member take extra time in the bathroom to take extra care of their skin? Our 100% natural, palm oil free, detergent free, paraben free, cruelty free and vegan bar soaps are the perfect gift for them! From bar shampoos and conditioners to exfoliating soaps and facial cleansers, we couldn’t think of a more thoughtful gift! 

Bamboo Cotton Buds – $8.99 

If your friend or family member is still using plastic cotton buds… Bamboo Cotton Buds would be the perfect gift! Our cotton buds feature a bamboo stick and natural cotton tip, ideal for those little jobs that call for precision, like removing eye makeup, applying face paint, cleaning jewelry or cleaning your computer keyboard!⁠ Bamboo cotton buds is 100% compostable and biodegradable ⁠

Reusable Straws (Bamboo/Stainless Steel/Glass/Bubble Tea Straw) – from $2.99 

What’s small, thoughtful, practical and won’t break the bank? Reusable straws! Encourage your family or friend to move towards a healthier and more environmentally conscious life. Did we mention how aesthetically pleasing they look in any drink? You can’t go wrong here! 


Under $25 

Coconut Bowl – $12.95 

A Coconut Bowl (or two) is the perfect gift for someone who is trying to live more sustainably. Or simply for the smoothie bowl connoisseur. Bring a slice of the tropics with these one-of-a-kind handmade and fair-trade bowls.  

Bamboo Hair Brush – $24.99 

Give the gift of sustainable, zero waste bamboo hair brush! Our bamboo hairbrushes gently paddle through your hair, grooming it smoothly while massaging the scalp. Also, it provides magnificent benefits such as relieves stress, detangles hair, increases blood circulations, less frizz, prevents hair breakage from static and helps achieve beautiful healthy hair 😍

 SealPod Starter Kit – $24.95 

Does your giftee love a good brew? Do they have a Nespresso* machine at home or work? Perfect! These coffee capsules are made from stainless steel and are completely low waste and reusable. Suitable for use with coffee, tea or hot chocolate, your friend or family can enjoy the perfect extraction every time knowing that they’re taking care of the environment. 

* SealPod Stainless Steel Capsules are compatible with Nespresso® coffee machines, including Inissia, U, Pixie, Citiz, Maestria, Lattissima, Essenza, Le Cube, Creatista and Concept. 

Under $50 

Safety Razor – $44.99 

Is your friend or family all about the minimalistic lifestyle? These Safety Razors offer a sleek and simple solution to shaving! They’ll no longer need to buy plastic cartridges or feel guilty about creating waste. These Safety Razors use stainless steel blades which can be replaced. Each Safety Razor comes with a Pack of 5 Replacement Blades. Choose between Rose Gold, Charcoal and White

Reusable Food Cover – $39.99

Reusable Food Cover are perfect for anyone who loves to keep their kitchen plastic free! They are reusable and will last you years! Not just for covering leftovers… These Food Covers are also perfect for keeping cut fruit and veggies (e.g. watermelon, pumpkin)! ⁠
Comes in 4 different sizes with elasticated sides to fit over bowls, plates and foods of all shapes and sizes. Machine washable which means you can use these bad boys over and over! ⁠ ⁠

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  • Bamboo Kitchen Dish Brush

    Bamboo Kitchen Dish Brush

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  • Bamboo kitchen dish brush replacement head

    Bamboo kitchen dish brush replacement head

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  • vegan floss in bamboo container

    Biodegradable Dental Floss in Bamboo Case – 50m

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  • The eco warrior bamboo cotton buds

    Bamboo Cotton Buds

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  • Rose Gold Safety Razor with Replacement Blades

    Rose Gold Safety Razor with Replacement Blades

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  • Charcoal Safety Razor with Replacement Blades

    Charcoal Safety Razor with Replacement Blades

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